Item Coversheet



TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: May 22, 2018




In February 2017, the City released a Request for Proposals for vendors to design, furnish, install, maintain, remove and store holiday lighting and decorations. On July 26, 2017, Resolution 2017-29956 was adopted and authorized the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement with Artistic Holiday Designs for a term of three (3) years. Year one of the contract was funded in FY 2017/18 in the amount of $430,935, which comprised 20 sites, including the Julia Tuttle Welcome Sign entrance, City Hall, Espanola Way corridors, Police Headquarters, Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, and the 87th Street sign, as well as other points throughout the city. In year two and three of the contract, Artistic Holiday Design will further augment and expand holiday lighting to other areas throughout the City meeting key intended outcomes to enhance and beautify urban and residential neighborhoods, historic assets, select neighborhoods and redevelopment areas.

Property Management has been working with the contractor on phase two design of the holiday lighting program. At the Neighborhoods and Community Affairs Committee meeting held on April 4th, 2018, Commissioner Góngora motioned to supplement the current referral to include Mr. Morrison’s proposals as well as involve FDOT on the design process of the MacArthur Causeway decorations.


Artistic Holiday Designs has provided a final proposal presentation for the design for phase two of the holiday lighting program. The presentation attached herein includes visual aids of each targeted location and its proposed decorations. Pages 28-29 contain a description and price for each of the following locations: Julia Tuttle entrance, Lincoln Road, Anchor Garage, Sunset Garage, Collins Park , Convention Drive, Ocean Drive, 73rd & Ocean Terrace, South Pointe Beach, Open Space Park, 87th Street, 41st Street, Fire Department, Collins Ave, 5th Street, 71st Street, Normandy Drive, and Alton Road. The cost for décor and trees will total $430,935.16.

Jim Morrison Productions, Inc. submitted a proposal to enhance the MacArthur Causeway during the holiday lighting program. The MacArthur Causeway is considered to be the main access to South Beach, Jim Morrison Productions has proposed an effective holiday decoration which does not require electricity. The temporary holiday installation would include 36” diameter, wire reinforced ribbon/bows mounted atop 120 palm trees spanning the length of the causeway through the center median strip. The bows would be mounted on both north and south side rows of trees and would be visible by those crossing the causeway in either direction. The total cost of this proposal is all inclusive and not to exceed $65,000, subject to Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) approval.


Artistic Holiday Designs and Jim Morrison Productions, Inc. have submitted their proposals to the Property Management Department for review. The estimated cost for phase two of the holiday lighting program and the addition of the MacArthur Causeway will total $495,935.16. The final presentation is attached herein for the Committee’s review and the Department seeks final direction as this item will be presented at the next Finance and Citywide Projects Committee Meeting as a budget enhancement request for FY 18-19. 

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