Item Coversheet



TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: May 22, 2018



Enhance External And Internal Communication From And Within The City


Each year the City of Miami Beach hosts a wide range of events and programs throughout Miami Beach, in order to engage and educate the community and provide opportunities for recreation and family enjoyment. 

In 2016, the City launched regular Ciclovía events to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The Ciclovía event transforms Washington Avenue into an urban park by encouraging attendees to walk, bike, run or skate while enjoying a variety of activities and entertainment. This event is open to the general public at no charge.  Ciclovia costs the city approximately $30,000 per event, or $120,000 per year.  The funding for this is out of the Transportation department. 


Ciclovías are “open streets” events which turn major city streets into safe, car-free environments for families to run, bike, and play. Originating in Bogota, Colombia over 30 years ago, Ciclovías are now held in hundreds of cities worldwide. By linking neighbors and communities together and providing a different way to “connect with the street,” these events are designed to promote alternatives for using area roadways safely. Based on the success of Ciclovia events throughout the world and locally.


After discussions regarding potential corridors for a Ciclovia event, in 2016 it was determined that Washington Avenue from 5 Street to just south of Lincoln Road could serve as the street to host the first Ciclovia event in Miami Beach. Other corridors considered included Venetian Causeway/Dade Boulevard, Meridian Avenue, and Ocean Drive. It was determined that this segment of Washington Avenue provided unique advantages for such an event. First, it is a recognized main thoroughfare that allows the community to connect with the businesses. Second, there are north-south alternatives available on which to direct traffic. Third, the segment from 5 Street to Lincoln Road does not intersect major east-west arterials, thereby handling traffic impacts.     

At the February, 21 2018 meeting of the Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee, staff was asked to research other possible locations for Ciclovia.  Some areas that were considered were 41 Street and Ocean Drive.  After discussions, it was determined that 41 Street was not a good option as it is one of the main ways to enter the City and there was concern for what this might do to traffic. 


Staff researched Ocean Drive further as an option.  After talking to the Ocean Drive Association and researching pricing, it was determined that the event could be moved to Ocean Drive for the same cost of $30,000 per event.  As Ocean Drive would provide less street area to activate, the Lummus park areas would need to be utilized.  In addition, it was also mentioned that most of the businesses along Ocean Drive are restaurants and therefore it would limit the activations for Food Trucks and require confirmation from the restaurants that they will activate during the event to provide the same experience.


With the creation of the new Washington Avenue BID, it was brought to the City’s attention that they do not wish to continue having Civlovia on Washington Avenue.  Therefore we would need to decide whether we would want to move it or discontinue the event completely.


This item is presented to the Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee for discussion and further direction.