Item Coversheet

New Business and Commission Requests - R9  D


TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager 
DATE:October  31, 2017



Commission direction as to which option to proceed with to construct a temporary skate park.


At the September 25, 2017 City Commission meeting, a discussion was held to consider the installation of a temporary skate park in the City. Vice-Mayor Arriola stated that these skate parks have become very popular and can be built within a matter of weeks. The Committee members discussed several North Beach locations and the item was referred to the next Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee (NCAC) for further discussion.


At the September 27, 2017 NCAC meeting, the different locations for a temporary skate park were discussed with the recommendation approving the creation of a temporary skate park at the West Lot located North of 82nd Street, as show on Exhibit A.


At the October 18, 2017 City Commission meeting, Resolution No. 2017-30069 was passed accepting NCAC’s recommendation. At the time of the meeting, the Parks and Recreation Department was awaiting the results of a Request for Letters of Interest (RFLI), which was advertised specifically for the construction of a temporary skate park of approximately a minimum of 7,500 sq. ft., requesting information based on a $75,000 maximum budget (Exhibit B).


The City received only one response pursuant to the RFLI for an outdoor skate park from Velosolutions, which offered the following 3 options (Exhibit C):


  1. Skate Flow Park (Velosoultions Pumptrack) - $75,000.00

    • Only requires the use of asphalt, dirt, crushed rock, soil and sod

    • The entry way to the park will be a 6 foot ADA accessible crushed limestone pathway to a viewing area

    • Fence will be a pressure treated spilt rail fence

    • Landscape is included

  2. Omni Park Inspired Pour in Place Skate Park (Traditional Concrete Skate Park) - $75,000.00

    • Feature include: quarterpipes, rails, ledges, boxes, jersey barriers and stairs

    • Concrete Pad

    • Fence will be a pressure treated spilt rail fence

    • Landscape is included

  3. Used Modular Pumptrack System - $50,000.00

    • No concrete pad needed – existing surface/sod can stay.

    • The Lumberjack Series Modular Pumptrack from BikeParkitect is 2 years old

    • Fence will be a pressure treated spilt rail fence

    • Landscape is included


As part of the above proposals, Velosolutions requires naming rights for the above projects such as Velosolutions Pumptrack or similar, which is outlined in the draft construction contract (Exhibit D). 


The City will be responsible for benches, trash/recycle receptacles and additional landscaping. Velosolutions stated that upon signing of the agreement and permitting approval, the park will be ready within 1 month.


Velosolutions proposes a split rail fence. This type of fence does not provide after hour security. If an access control fence is desired, staff would negotiate with Velosolutions or provide the fence on behalf of the City. 


Capital project # 29550 (CMB Skate Park) currently has an available balance of $100,950.00.  On June 7, 2017, Resolution No. 2017-29890 committed $50,000.00 of this available balance to the contribution of funds to the regional hybird skatepark/pumptrack initiative at Haulover Park. This leaves a balance of $50,950.00 to fund the temporary skate park project.


Commission action is needed to fully fund the temporary skate park project contingent on which option is selected.

Legislative Tracking
Parks and Recreation
Commissioner Ricky Arriola

Exhibit A – Temporary Skate Park Location (West Lot North of 82nd Street)
Exhibit B – RFLI 2018-019-WG Outdoor Skate Park
Exhibit C – Velosolutions RFLI Submission
Exhibit D – Draft Velosolutions Construction Contract (Not Reviewed by Legal)