Item Coversheet



TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: June 30, 2017



This item was first presented at the January 11, 2017 City Commission meeting and was referred to the Neighborhood and Community Affairs Committee (NCAC). The discussion for a Hall of Fame arose due to the amount of individuals that have come forward seeking a means of memorializing prominent figures who have shaped the Miami Beach community. Several options were discussed at the January 11, 2017 City Commission meeting on how the Hall of Fame could be organized. The City Commission suggested Administration look at an option within City Hall or an imprint memorialization in front of the Miami Beach Convention Center. The City Commission also asked Administration to create a selection criteria and nomination process. The discussion of a Hall of Fame was generated as a way to honor and acknowledge individuals whose efforts have enhanced the heritage and cultural landscape of the City of Miami Beach.


The City Commission directed Administration to explore two different options to display or activate the proposed Miami Beach Hall of Fame. The first option would be to designate a location within City Hall, creating a Hall of Fame wall with a photo and small plaque of the inductee, similar to that of Miami Beach Senior High. The second option presented at the City Commission meeting was to have a ceremony similar to the one in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, where inductees imprint their hands and feet, and sign a wet slab of concrete creating a permanent imprint of all inductees.


In addition, the City Commission directed Administration to devise the nomination and selection criteria for the intended Miami Beach Hall of Fame.


On February 17, 2017 the NCAC referred the item to the March 17, 2017 NCAC meeting with the addition of an option that incorporates a digital hall of fame, and noting that a cement imprint would only be possible for honorees who are currently alive, thereby excluding a good number of Miami Beach notables. At the March 17, 2017 NCAC meeting, the NCAC discussed possible solutions for creating a selection committee, adopting criteria for Hall of Fame nominees and selecting a location. The item was referred for further discussion to the April 21, 2017 NCAC and was deferred until the June 30, 2017 NCAC meeting.  


Administration has concluded its research on selection criteria on other municipalities similar in population, as well as major metropolitan cities within the United States to better understand how they conduct their selection and nomination process for their respective halls of fame.


Most major cities do not have an all-inclusive hall of fame, but focus predominately on athletics or a specific group of individuals who have contributed to the history and heritage of their city. There are also statewide halls of fame that honor individuals; for example, the state of California has a hall of fame program for the state, which was established in 2006 by the California Museum and former First Lady Maria Shriver to honor legendary people who embody California’s innovative spirit and have made their mark on history. There is also the example of the City of Austin, Texas that created a hall of fame for prominent women within the city that have broken through barriers and bettered the lives of women and girls in the community.




Staff has conducted extensive research on both local and national models for creating a Hall of Fame. As follows are recommendations for establishing a selection committee, adopting Hall of Fame nominee eligibility requirements and implementing a nominating process:


1. Selection Committee

Create a nine member Commission-appointed Selection Committee for the Hall of Fame, plus two at large members of the local community.

Appointees would be knowledgeable in the following fields of expertise:

1.     Business

2.     Education

3.     Arts & Entertainment

4.     Philanthropy

5.     Sports

6.     Public Service

7.     Literature/History


2. Hall of Fame Eligibility

A person would be eligible for induction to the City of Miami Beach Hall of Fame if that person meets any or all of the following criteria:

· Had some significant impact on the city as a whole/made a lasting impact on the City.

· Had significant ties to the City including:

Born in Miami Beach

            Made Miami Beach his/her place of residence or business

            Made a positive and lasting impact on Miami Beach


3. Nomination Process

      Nomination packages would include the following:

  •  A letter of nomination, sent to the City Clerk listing the nominee's name; submission of a biography that lists the reason for the nomination; and a list of the major accomplishment(s) of the nominee and how they relate to the City of Miami Beach.
  • As part of the nominating package, nominators must identify themselves and their relationship to the nominee. Additional support letters from other individuals supporting the nomination could be included.
  • All required items in the nomination package would be vetted and confirmed by the City Clerk’s office, including a review for any missing or incorrect information.  Nominators would be given a grace period by which to correct any missing or incorrect items, and then a drop dead date by which the nominating package must be complete.
  •  Once complete and vetted by the City Clerk, this nomination package would be sent to the office of Tourism, Culture, and Economic Development, where staff would serve as liaison to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee would determine how many inductees to recommend each year. Potentially, three inductees each, with at least one induction being a posthumous honor.
  • The Selection Committee would then make their recommendations to the Commission, and the Commission would ratify the annual inductees.
  • The City would establish a repeating selection process and annual date at which time an event to induct new honorees would take place each year. The annual process is recommended as follows:

o   June 1st – 30th Nomination packages submitted to the City Clerk. Deadline for submissions is June 30th of each year.

o   July-  First Review Meeting of the Selection Committee

o   August- Second Review and Recommendation Meeting of the Selection Committee

o   September- Selection Committee Recommendations Presented to City Commission for Ratification

o   November- Annual event to Induct New Honorees


Administration seeks the Committee’s direction in creating a Selection Committee for the Miami Beach Hall of Fame, adopting criteria for Hall of Fame nominees, selecting a location for this permanent installment, and determining the method of display.


Due to the reoccurring cost of each induction ceremony and potential for a digital element, should the NCAC recommend proceeding with the Hall of Fame initiative, a funding source will need to be identified through the annual budget development process.


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