Item Coversheet



TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: June 30, 2017




At the June 29, 2016 Parks and Recreational Facilities Advisory Board meeting, Farah Service presented their Urban Sports Equipment (“USE”, formerly known as “EUE”) to the board members. USE is sports-use equipment with stretching and fitness functions, equipped with a digital panel for advertisements and information (Exhibit A). Composed of stainless steel, it has a digital sign and is installed on a durable deck. The USE equipment provides the opportunity for people to engage in various outdoor physical activities for free.


The company offered to have this equipment installed at no cost to the City, and would be responsible for all the required maintenance and replacements. Per Farah Service, the cost of the fixtures and maintenance is offset by advertising on the digital panel. A pilot program proposal would not include advertising in year one. 


The Parks and Recreational Facilities Board unanimously motioned to recommend a pilot program of ten units to be dispersed throughout the City, as the Parks and Recreation Department sees fit (Exhibit B).


At the November 9, 2016 City Commission meeting, a referral to the Neighborhoods/Community Affairs Committee (“NCAC”) was made to discuss the placement of USE at different locations throughout the City.


At the March 1, 2017 NCAC meeting, the Committee members directed staff to work with the Procurement Department to identify other vendors that may be able to provide the same equipment/service. Since then, the Parks and Recreation Department worked with the Procurement Department on identifying a scope for Request for Information (“RFI”) for Compact Fitness Equipment Stations.


RFI 2017-216-WG (Exhibit C) was publicly noticed for the purpose of interested parties to submit information on outdoor fitness equipment options, which they deemed would meet the goals of expanding fitness opportunities on rights-of-way, street ends and small public spaces. The option for a display board for advertising and public service announcements was also included for consideration. The City received four submittals in response to the issued RFI.


After comparing Farah Service’s proposal with submittals received through the RFI process, it is recommended to proceed with the USE outdoor fitness equipment provided by Farah Service.  Some of the leading factors behind the recommendation are equipment/exercise options, zero cost to the City for installation and maintenance of the equipment, compact dimensions and material selection.

If approved, ten fitness stations will be installed throughout the City based on mutually agreed upon locations, have no financial impact on the City for the entire length of the program and would not include any advertising in year one.

The Parks and Recreation Department will develop the initial list of locations to be proposed by the City.  During the one-year pilot program, no commercial advertisement would be allowed.  After the tenth month of the pilot program, the Administration will provide the City Commission with an analysis and recommendation as to the program’s success.  At which time, the City may opt to engage in a long-term relationship with Farah Service to include additional units and commercial advertising, or terminate the program and have all units removed by the vendor at no cost to the City.


Committee vote on sending to the City Commission recommending a waiver of the formal bidding requirement and authorize City Administration to negotiate and enter into an agreement with Farah Service, at no cost to the City, for the installation and maintenance of USE outdoor fitness equipment located throughout the City as part of a one-year pilot program without commercial advertising.

Exhibit A - USE Sports Equipment Station ExampleOther
Exhibit B - Parks and Recreational Facilities Board MotionOther
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