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New Business and Commission Requests - R9  AA


TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Alina T. Hudak, City Manager 
DATE:October  18, 2023



The Administration presents these potential changes to be made to the Lummus Park Artisanal Market, as discussed with Florida Fresh Markets, to the Mayor and City Commission for consideration and direction.


On May 12, 2021, the Mayor and City Commission authorized the issuance of the RFP (RFP 2021-151-ND) to solicit proposals for the management and operation of an artisanal market in Lummus Park. The RFP was developed for the Lummus Park market specifically as it is likely to be the largest artisanal market within the City.


On July 30, 2021, the Administration provided a status update on the Request for Proposals (RFP 2021-151-ND) for Management and Operation of an Artisanal Market in Lummus Park in LTC-315-2021. The Administration worked to identify potential artisanal markets in other areas to promote activations within certain neighborhoods or commercial districts and would serve as informal social gatherings where residents and visitors could meet and interact with local artists and designers, stimulate community development, and provide family-friendly engagements.


The Administration released an addendum to the RFP to allow future additional markets to be added to the resulting agreement by mutual agreement, subject to City

Commission approval.  On October 13, 2021, the Mayor and City Commission authorized the Administration to enter negotiations with Florida Fresh Market, the top ranked proposer, and the best qualified firm to manage and operate the artisanal markets.


On July 20, 2022, through resolution 2022-32259, the Mayor and City Commission approved the relocation of the Lummus Park Artisanal Market from 13 Street and 14 Place to 6 Street and 8 Streets and authorized the Administration to enter into negotiations with Florida Fresh Markets (FFM) to activate artisanal markets in other Miami Beach locations.


FFM launched the Lummus Park Artisanal Market on September 10, 2022. After approximately six months of activation at Lummus Park, market locations were launched in the 41st street commercial corridor and the Collins Park Neighborhood, in accordance to Amendment No .1 made to the agreement via Resolution 2023-32465.


The market expansion faced challenges in both the 41st Street corridor and Collins Park neighborhood. The 41st Street corridor had two separate market locations yield unsuccessful results since the addition in February 2023. The staff has also received feedback from the Mayor's 41st Street Blue Ribbon Committee regarding concerns with the locations and vendors. The Collins Park location, respectively, witnessed reduced patron and vendor participation since the inception in March 2023.


FFM has demonstrated professionalism and responsiveness throughout their time of

activation. However, since the inception of the FFM artisanal markets, staff has worked to address community concerns regarding the market activations. The Administration has received communications from the Ocean Drive Association, SOBESafe and residents regarding the artisanal market activation in Lummus Park, in addition to some concerns shared by members of the Commission, on behalf of constituents. Concerns at Lummus Park have ranged from activation overload at the park, space available for walkers and cyclists, possible impact to businesses and to the park.


A Letter to Commission was sent to the Mayor and City Commission on July 10, 2023 to provide an update on the performance of the of FFM activations throughout the City and community feedback received resulting in the City's exercising the termination for convenience clause in the agreement. Based on the aforementioned, the notice of termination was submitted to the vendor, with the last activation taking place on Sunday, August 6, 2023 for all locations.


On September 13, 2023, the Mayor and City Commission discussed an item sponsored by Commissioner Ricky Arriola and directed the Administration to explore potential changes and continuation options to the artisanal markets operated by FFM.


Following direction provided by the Commission, on September 20, 2023, the Administration met with FFM to discuss concerns shared by the community and potential changes for the Lummus Park Artisanal Market for a possible reinstatement. Below are points discussed and possible outcomes.


·FFM is willing to review the current vendor categories and make changes to the market offerings to better reflect that of a farmer’s market to benefit the residents and visitors.


·FFM is aware of the community desire to have flowers sold as part of the market. Although this has proven to be a challenge in other markets, FFM is willing to explore ways of incorporating flower vendors.


·Previous market activations include the 41st Street Corridor and Collins Park. FFM has expressed the desire to solely operate in Lummus Park since it has been the most viable and successful of the market locations activated in the City of Miami Beach.


·Finally, one suggestion by Commission was for a reduced footprint in Lummus Park. FFM has expressed they are willing to reevaluate their current footprint.  


Should all these points be amenable for the City Commission, the Administration would work with the City Attorney’s Office to amend the previous agreement to include the additional terms and limit the market activation to Lummus Park.






The Administration presents these potential changes to be made to the Lummus Park artisanal market, as discussed with Florida Fresh Markets, to the Mayor and City Commission for consideration and direction.

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South Beach
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Resolution 2022-32259
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