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1901 Collins Avenue.





HPB21-0481, 1901 Collins Avenue. An application has been filed requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness for the partial demolition and renovation of two buildings on the site, the total demolition of two buildings, the construction of two new additions and landscape and hardscape modifications.


Applicable Area

South Beach
Is this a "Residents Right to Know" item, pursuant to City Code Section 2-14? Does this item utilize G.O. Bond Funds?
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Application 02-08-22Memo
Arborist Report 02-08-22Memo
Architectural 1 02-08-22Memo
Architectural 2 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 3 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 4 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 5 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 6 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 7 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 8 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 9 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 10 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 11 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 12 02-08-22Memo
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Architecture 14 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 15 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 16 02-08-22Memo
Architecture 17 02-08-22Memo
Checklist 02-08-22Memo
Engineering Letter 02-08-22Memo
Labels 02-08-22Memo
Landscape 1 02-08-22Memo
Landscape 2 02-08-22Memo
Landscape 3 02-08-22Memo
Letter 02-08-22Memo
Microfilm 02-08-22Memo
Narrative Responses 02-08-22Memo
Prior Orders 02-08-22Memo
Resources Report 1 02-08-22Memo
Resources Report 2 02-08-22Memo
Resources Report 3 02-08-22Memo
Resources Reports 4 02-08-22Memo
School Concurrency 02-08-22Memo
Structure Methodology 02-08-22Memo
Survey 02-08-22Memo
Traffic Narrative Responses 02-08-22Memo
Traffic Study 02-08-22Memo
Staff Report and Draft Order 02-08-22Memo
Public Comment - Steven Avdakov, Shore ClubMemo
Public Comment - Timothy F. Schmand, A Resolution of the Executive Committee of The Lincoln Road Business Improvement District in Support of the Proposed Restoration and Redevelopment of the Shore ClubMemo
Public Comment - Resolution 21-22-05 Shore ClubMemo
Public Comment - Nicholas Rodriguez, HPB21-0481 - 1901 Collins Avenue_Shore Club - Letters of SupportMemo
Letter of Support - CPNA Support Resolution - Ray BreslinMemo
Letter of Support - Nautilus Support Letter (12.2.2021) - Bryan DavisMemo
Letter of Support - Townhouse Support Letter - Haim YehezkelMemo
Letter of Support - Shelborne Support Email - Mitchell CohenMemo
Letter of Suport - Lincoln Road BID Resolution 21-22-05 Shore Club - Lyle SternMemo
MDPL Positions at the Feb 8th 2022 Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board - Daniel CiraldoMemo
Public Comment - CORRECTED COVER LETTER_ 1901 Collins Avenue - HPB File No. 21-0481_ Objection to Application on February 8, 2022 Agenda and PresentationMemo
Ltr to Chair and HPB Board re Objection to SC HPB Application REVISED 2.7.22Memo
Presentation - Kent Harrison Robbins 02-08-22Memo