Land Use and Sustainability Committee

 December 15, 2020 - 8:00 AM



Commissioner Mark Samuelian, Chair

Commissioner Michael Gongora, Vice-Chair

Commissioner Ricky Arriola, Member

Commissioner Micky Steinberg, Alternate

Alina T. Hudak, Liaison
Naima De Pinedo, Support Staff


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Land Use and Sustainability Committee AGENDA

Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 8:00 AM

Link to join the webinar:

Dial-in Telephone: 1.929.205.6099 or 888.475.4499 (Toll Free)

Webinar ID: 860 9655 8980


VIDEO1.Update on Projects A) West Avenue B) Indian Creek C) Palm & Hibiscus D) First Street
Commissioner Mark Samuelian
Office of Capital Improvement Projects / Public Works
VIDEO2.Discussion Pertaining to Lot Size, Lot Aggregation and Parking Requirements in the Sunset Harbor Neighborhood.
Commissioner Ricky Arriola
September 16, 2020 C4 K (Continued from October 20, 2020)
Time Certain 8:00 a.m. (Updated December 11, 2020)
VIDEO3.Discuss Enacting Limitations On Big Box Stores On Lincoln Road.
Commissioner Ricky Arriola
October 14, 2020 C4 L (Deferred from November 24, 2020)
VIDEO4.A Resolution Of The Mayor And City Commission Of Miami Beach, Florida, Directing The City Administration To Develop A Public Seawall Action Plan That Includes An Updated 2011 Seawall Investigation Report, And Details Current And On-Going Projects To Repair And/Or Strengthen Existing Public Seawalls Within The City, Vulnerabilities That Demand Immediate Attention, Projects Required To Address Such Vulnerabilities, And A Multi-Year Funding Plan With Potential Sources For It; And Further Directing The City Administration To Bring Existing Materials And Outlined Proposals To The Land Use And Sustainability Committee In 60 Days From The Adoption Of This Resolution.
Commissioner Mark Samuelian
October 14, 2020 C7 T
Public Works
VIDEO5.Discuss The Sustainability Committee Motion Requesting The City Commission To Waive Or Reduce The Permitting Fees For A Period Of Two Years For The Installation Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations To Incentivize And Facilitate Emission-Free Driving In Miami Beach.
Commissioner Mark Samuelian and Co-sponsored by Commissioner Michael Gongora
November 18, 2020 C4 F
Environment & Sustainability
VIDEO6.Discuss Motions Made By The Sustainability Committee.
Commissioner Micky Steinberg
November 18, 2020 C4 G
Environment & Sustainability
VIDEO7.Discuss The Renovation of the Seagull Hotel.
Commissioner Ricky Arriola
November 18, 2020 C4 J
8.Discuss Allowing Businesses On 41st Street To Utilize Sidewalks For A-Frame Signage To Advertise Merchandise.
Commissioner Steven Meiner
September 16, 2020 C4 E
9.Discussion Regarding Biscayne Bay Water Quality And Ideas For Improving Water Quality.
Commissioner Michael Gongora
November 18, 2020 C4 H
Environment & Sustainability
VIDEO10.Discussion Regarding An Ordinance Amendment Pertaining To A Building Height Increase In Strategic Commercial Areas To Incentivize Office Uses.
Mayor Dan Gelber & Commissioner David Richardson
December 9, 2020 R9 L
Time Certain 8:30 a.m. (Updated December 10, 2020)