Land Use and Sustainability Committee

 November 24, 2020 - 8:00 AM



Commissioner Mark Samuelian, Chair

Commissioner Michael Gongora, Vice-Chair

Commissioner Ricky Arriola, Member

Commissioner Micky Steinberg, Alternate

Alina T. Hudak, Liaison
Naima De Pinedo, Support Staff


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Land Use and Sustainability Committee AGENDA

Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 8:00 AM

Link to join the Webinar:

Dial-in Telephone: 312.626.6799 or 888.475.4499 (Toll Free)

Webinar ID: 848 3579 7026

VIDEO1Pre-1942 Single Family Home Fence Height Requirements
Commissioner Micky Steinberg
October 14, 2020 C4 I
VIDEO2Ocean Drive MXE Land Use and Zoning Amendments
Mayor Dan Gelber
October 14, 2020 C4 J
VIDEO3Palm View Neighborhood Study
March 18, 2020 C4 W
Item Deferred
VIDEO4.Update on Projects A) West Avenue B) Indian Creek C) Palm & Hibiscus D) First Street
Commissioner Mark Samuelian
Office of Capital Improvement Projects / Public Works
VIDEO5.Review The City Of Miami Beach's Experience And Perspective On Full Depth Asphalt And Identify Potential Opportunities For Use.
Commissioner Mark Samuelian
March 18, 2020 C4 AB (Deferred from October 20, 2020)
Public Works
VIDEO6.Discussion Regarding Incentivizing New Development To Include Units For Workforce And Affordable Housing Within New Developments That Seek Development, Height, And/Or Zoning Amendments From The City Of Miami Beach.
Commissioner Michael Gongora
May 8, 2019 C4 M (Continued from October 20, 2020)
VIDEO7.Discussion Regarding The Minimum Qualifications For The Appointment Of Residents At-Large To The City’s Land Use Boards
Commissioner Michael Gongora
July 29, 2020 C4 M (Deferred from October 20, 2020)
VIDEO8.Discuss Allowing Businesses On 41st Street To Utilize Sidewalks For A-Frame Signage To Advertise Merchandise.
Commissioner Steven Meiner
September 16, 2020 C4 E (Continued from October 20, 2020)
VIDEO9.Discuss The Police Citizen Relations Committee Motion Regarding The Impact Of Land-Use Zoning Matters On Public Safety.
Commissioners Mark Samuelian and Michael Gongora
October 14, 2020 C4 K
VIDEO10.Discuss Enacting Limitations On Big Box Stores On Lincoln Road
Commissioner Ricky Arriola
October 14, 2020 C4 L
VIDEO11.Discussion Regarding The October 20 Affordable Housing Committee Motion Supporting Fee Waivers To Incentivize Affordable Housing.
Commissioner Michael Gongora
November 18, 2020 C4 E
Updated November 20, 2020