Land Use and Development Committee Meeting

City Hall, Commission Chambers, 3rd Floor, 1700 Convention Center Drive

June 12, 2019 - 9:00 AM


Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman, Chair
Commissioner Micky Steinberg, Vice-Chair
Commissioner Ricky Arriola, Member
Commissioner Michael Gongora, Alternate

Thomas Mooney, Liaison
Naima De Pinedo, Support Staff

Land Use and Development Committee Meeting AGENDA

Commission Chambers 1700 CONVENTION CENTER DRIVE 3RD FL.
Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 9:00 AM

VIDEO1.Discussion – Proposed Ballot Question Pertaining to an Increase in FAR within Existing Parking Garages
City Manager
May 8, 2019, C4 L
Updated June 11, 2019
VIDEO2.Discussion – Proposed Ballot Question Pertaining to an Increase in Non-Conforming FAR within Existing Historic Buildings
Commissioners John Elizabeth Aleman and Ricky Arriola
June 5, 2019 C4 O
Updated June 11, 2019
VIDEO3.Discussion – Adopting A Land Use Amendment To Increase The Maximum Building Height To 200 Feet For Oceanfront Lots With A Contributing Building In The RM-3 District
Commissioner Ricky Arriola Co-Sponsored by Vice-Mayor Joy Malakoff and Commissioner John Aleman
May 8, 2019, C4 O
Updated June 10, 2019
4.Discussion To Review The Role Of Land Use Boards In Neighborhood Improvement Projects
Commissioner Mark Samuelian
April 11, 2018 C4 N (Deferred from May 22, 2019)
5.Proposed Amendments To The Comprehensive Plan As Part Of The Evaluation And Appraisal Report (EAR).
Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman
February 13, 2019, C4 O (Continued from May 22, 2019)
6.Discussion Regarding Incentivizing New Development To Include Units For Workforce And Affordable Housing Within New Developments That Seek Development, Height, And/Or Zoning Amendments From The City Of Miami Beach.
Commissioner Michael Gongora
May 8, 2019, C4 M
Item Deferred
VIDEO7.Discussion Regarding Proposed Historic Designation of International Inn at 2301 Normandy Drive
Commissioner Ricky Arriola
July 25, 2018 C4 K (Deferred from February 20, 2019)
Updated June 10, 2019
VIDEO8.Discussion To Create Options For Indoor Ambient Entertainment
Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman
January 16, 2019, C4 AD (Continued From March 6, 2019)
Updated June 10, 2019