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TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Alina T. Hudak, City Manager 
DATE:March  27, 2023



The Administration recommends adopting the Resolution.


The West Avenue project is designed to enhance quality of life with aesthetics and infrastructure, and to reduce flood risk to this vulnerable neighborhood both now and in the future. This neighborhood is one of the lowest lying areas in the City with elevations as low as 1.7’ NAVD. Since 2017, low-lying areas of West Avenue have experienced flooding from high tides 59 times (NOAA Virginia Key tidal gauges). Flooding is expected to worsen, as the City faces 14-30 inches of sea level rise over the next thirty years (Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, 2019). A high groundwater table and intense rain events result in additional compound flooding concerns. Without the deployment of temporary pumps, segments of the neighborhood flood regularly during intense rain events and king tides. Miami-Dade County is planning for 2 ft of sea level rise by 2060, and the United States Army Corps of Engineers is planning for 3 ft of sea level rise by 2070.

The West Avenue Phase II Improvements Project, represents a comprehensively defined neighborhood improvement program, focused on resolving challenges associated with climate impacts and aged infrastructure. The proposed improvements within the West Avenue neighborhood include the replacement of the existing water distribution/transmission systems and gravity sanitary sewers, installation of a new robust storm water drainage collection and pumping system including the raising of the paved roadway and harmonization to the adjacent properties, installation of new street lighting, pedestrian lighting, replacement of existing and installation of new signalized intersections with mast arms, new landscaping, irrigation and construction of a new bay walk segment. The limits of the improvements are West Avenue between 8 Street and Lincoln Road, including side streets, and Bay Road between 14th Street and Collins Canal, and includes upgrading the project to city standards of resilience of the neighborhood, as well as harmonizing between the two phases.

Due to the size of the neighborhood, the project was divided into two contracts, with 14th Street being the dividing line. On March 22, 2017, the Mayor and City Commission awarded two contracts for design-build services to Ric­ Man Construction Florida, Inc. (Ric-Man): one contract for the project areas north of 14th Street (the “North Contract”), the other, for project areas north of 8th Street and south of 14th Street (the “South Contract”).

On January 27, 2022, the Administration reported via LTC#032-2022 that the neighborhood would experience a significant loss of parking spaces. The Commission and residents raised concerns about this issue and the parking plans for the project were re-evaluated. Ric-Man, under the direction of the Administration, delivered a parking analysis, which City staff continues to utilize and evaluate in the furtherance of reducing, to the extent possible, any parking loss. In summary, the report indicates that there are currently 302 parking spaces utilized within the Project’s area, of which 64 spaces do not comply with current parking standards or codes. The proposed plan for the area provides for 196 compliant on-street parking spaces, resulting in a perceived loss of 106 on-street parking spaces.


On October 26, 2022, the City Commission passed Resolution 2022-32384 which authorized the Administration to issue Amendment 1 and Change Order 7 to the North Contract, which provided, among other items, for the continuation of the project North of 14th Street. Simultaneously, the Commission issued Amendment 1 and Change Order 7 to the South Contract, which placed that portion of the project on a temporary hold.


On February 1, 2023, the City Commission passed Resolution 2023-32474 directing the Administration to identify parking options to mitigate the loss of parking in the West Avenue Neighborhood as the result of the Project, including short-term temporary solutions such as temporary agreements for dedicated resident parking within area parking garages, and longer-term solutions to address the overall loss of parking associated with the project; and further, requesting that short-term parking options be presented to the Mayor and City Commission for approval prior to the displacement of any residential parking due to the construction of the project. The resolution, as amended, further directed the Administration to continue working on favorable parking garage rates, partially subsidize private garage parking costs at $50,000 per year during the construction period only, and look at the feasibility of a parking garage with potential workforce housing on surface lot P-23.


The Design-Builder has progressed in obtaining all necessary permits and harmonization agreements, ahead of the commencement of construction activities on the first segment. At this time, it is anticipated that the City will be able to issue Notice to Proceed, for the commencement of construction activities, within the next 60 days.


The Administration, through the project team, has explored numerous alternatives with the aim of mitigating the loss of parking in the West Avenue Neighborhood, while balancing the goals and directives of the Project, previously received from the Commission and neighborhood residents, with respect to delivering a project which would provide a pedestrian friendly, walkable neighborhood, through the incorporation of wider sidewalks, larger landscape areas, and dedicated bicycle lanes.


As a response to the recommendations of the Resiliency Accelerator Workshop, the Design-Builder proposed a segmented construction approach to the construction of this project. This approach was communicated to the Commission via LTC-417-2019 and to the community through public meetings. The segmentation of the Project allows for reduced overall impact to the neighborhood by limiting the amount of time construction activities are ongoing in any one segment, as the Design-Builder will pursue completion of each segment prior to progressing to the next. The Project has been divided into 9 segments, with construction activities commencing in segments 1 and 2.


The team has identified the following short-term parking options to provide additional parking space availability for residents during construction:


1. Engage private parking providers to provide approximately 50 parking spaces to residents at a reduced rate, to be partially subsidized by the City. During the February 1, 2023 Commission meeting, this opportunity was discussed, and the Commission established a guideline of 50 spaces, allowing residents, who chose to participate in this opportunity, to purchase access to private garage spaces at a discounted rate. Discussions with private owners have resulted in an arrangement providing for 50 spaces to be charged at $135 per month, with the City subsidizing $75 per month for the spaces, and the residents paying the balance ($60).


2. Convert approximately 133 metered on-street parking spaces within the zone, to metered 24-hour residential spaces. These spaces are currently pay-to-park spaces, accessible to residents during nights and weekends only. The proposed short-term parking option would convert these spaces to 24-hour access for residents, while remaining accessible to non-residents as well.


3. Expand the residential parking zone to include City owned Parking Lot P-24, located at 1671 West Avenue, allowing residents to utilize up to 27 spaces during construction, available after the completion of segments 1 and 2, and up to 42 spaces once construction of the overall project is complete. The residential parking zone identifies where residents with valid parking passes are allowed to park. These spaces would remain “pay-to-park” for non-residents or those who do not hold a valid parking pass. Including access to this lot will result in new spaces for resident use.


4. Provide approximately 18 temporary parking spaces on 14th Terrace, and approximately 10 temporary parking spaces on Flamingo Way, between Bay Road and West Avenue, if feasible. This short-term parking option will require further analysis and planning, as existing driveways and landscaping may restrict the potential gains.


5. Provide approximately 32 temporary parking spaces by temporarily removing dedicated bicycle lanes on West Avenue between 16th and 17th Streets. The Administration understands that this is a high priority asset and will only consider this option as a last resort. However, it should be noted that construction activities on West Avenue will at times preclude the use of the bicycle lanes for safety reasons. Much like certain activities will require traffic lane or road closures, there will most likely be occasions where the bicycle lanes would be closed.


By implementing some or all of the short-term parking options listed above, the City can mitigate a significant number of lost parking spaces during the construction of the project.

The Administration and the project team continue to evaluate and investigate long term parking options to offset parking losses as a result of the project.


Not applicable.


It is anticipated that the City will subsidize up to $50,000 per year for the duration of the construction of the project to provide up to 50 spaces in private parking garages.


The Administration recommends that the Mayor and City Commission adopt the resolution.

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