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TO: Public Safety and Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee Members

Alina T. Hudak

DATE: March 22, 2023



In May 2005, the Mayor and City Commission adopted Resolution No. 2005-25899, approving a Development Agreement between the City of Miami Beach and AR&J Sobe, LLC (Developer), for the development of the project referred to as “Fifth and Alton” (the Garage or Property), a public-private project whereby the City owns a portion of the parking spaces (46% of the approximately 1,100 parking spaces) of the multi-level commercial building used for supermarket/retail/restaurant space. In December 2012, the Developer sold their beneficial ownership interests in the Garage to Edens Limited Partnership (Edens). As a result, Edens, in partnership with the City, became responsible for the maintenance and operations of the Property..


“Fifth and Alton” is located at the entrance of Miami Beach and surrounded by high-rise condominiums.  While the Property should be aesthetically representative of the neighborhood, it has lacked in appearance and maintenance over the years.  Edens is responsible for operating, maintaining, and replacing all portions of the Property in a first-class manner; and the City is responsible for the financial operating access, validation, and collection systems for the Garage. Moreover, Edens is to maintain, repair, insure and when necessary, replace, all portions of the Property (including the Garage), providing these are at all times in first-class order, condition and repair, consistent with first-class facilities of similar stature properties in the South Florida area.


In any event, the standards for maintenance, repair and replacement of the Garage shall be no less than the standards maintained in municipal parking garages that are operated and maintained by the City.  Edens shall always take good care of, maintain, and shall make all repairs reasonably necessary to keep the Property in good and safe order condition.  They shall promptly rectify any damage or interference caused by Developer (Edens) to any Property, improvements, equipment, structures, or vegetation inside or outside of the Development Site, which is owned or controlled by City.  Edens shall at all times comply with all requirements with respect to the use, condition, operation, ownership, maintenance, and remediation of the Property.


On December 21, 2021, at the request of Commissioner Steven Meiner, the Mayor and City Commission approved the referral of item C4 S, to the Public Safety and Neighborhood Quality of Life Commitee (PSNQLC or the Commitee) to discuss the Fifth and Alton complex. Since then, the Fifth and Alton property has been discussed a number of times at Committee. On March 2, 2022, the Administration presented several maintenance deficiencies. Thereafter, the Administration along with the several City Commissioners and the Edens team conducted a walkthrough of the Property identifying issues to rectify. Maintenance, appearance, homelessness, signage and other items identified were corrected and presented at the June 15, 2022, PSNQLC meeting. Additionally, at said meeting a list of capital improvement projects were provided. An updated project schedule, as well as overall improvements, including regular scheduled maintenance to the Property were further addressed the November 30, 2022, PSQNLC meeting.


The Edens maintenance team has directed their focus to upgrading the existing lighting system to LED, throughout the Property.  They have completed this project, along the retail storefronts and now are moving their way into the garage and stairways.  Edens has prepared a list of capital improvements, which have been reviewed in conjunction with the City’s Parking Department.  Since last presented in November, the schedule for these projects has been updated (below) and remain on target to be completed in 2023:


  • Roof/ Waterproof – Started November 7, 2022, and to be completed by April 2023.
  • CCTV upgrade – $150K invested in the CCTV system to include additional cameras and monitors.  Completed and cameras are operational.
  •  Elevator Upgrade – Due to sourcing of materials, this project is delayed and began in February 2023 and is expected to be completed by May 2023 estimated at $450K.
  •  Stormwater redevelopment - There are four (4) wells that will be redeveloped.  Two wells have been completed as of October 2022.  The third well is scheduled for February 2023 and the fourth in spring of 2023.


Staff has continued to conduct regular inspections of the Property and maintains an open line of communication with the Edens’ team to ensure identified deficiencies are addressed quickly. Edens’ maintenance staff has implemented a consistent schedule and are seen regularly sweeping, painting and cleaning the exterior building and the garage decks.


The item was last discussed at the November 30, 2022, PSNQLC meeting. Staff provided an update of the efforts and projects completed by Edens. Although some of the previously identified deficiencies remain, Edens is proactively working on addressing such (Exhibit A).  Commissioner Meiner requested this item be brought back for an update at the February 2023 PSNQLC meeting.  Since November 30, 2022, Edens has completed the following projects:


  •  Tree wells have been fixed along the sidewalks on 5th and 6th Streets.
  • The entire building has been pressured cleaned including the roof stairwells and sidewalks.
  • Vacant storefront windows have been frosted along Alton Road.
  • LED Light replacement inside the garage and walkway on 2nd floor.



The Administration will continue its close engagement with local property team and Edens to ensure a positive and will continue to work with Edens to enhance the Property’s presentation to the community.

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