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TO: Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee Members

Alina T. Hudak, City Manager

DATE: April 29, 2022



At the April 6, 2022 City Commission meeting a referral was placed for discussion on the Finance and Resiliency Committee agenda to discuss the Ocean Drive Association's request for financial assistance from the City for the Ocean Drive Promenade inaugural year of programming as they are engaging in securing funding for its continuation. 


On January 27, 2022, the Tourism and Culture Department (TCD) met with the Ocean Drive Association (ODA) Chair and Executive Director to discuss and assist in the proposed programming of the newly opened Ocean Drive Promenade. The ODA presented a schedule of events to be held every Sunday at 5pm. 


On January 24, 2022, the Administration officially closed Ocean Drive between 13th Street to 14th Place converting the aforementioned blocks into the Ocean Drive Promenade. 


At the December 8, 2021 City Commission meeting, staff completed the design and commenced the Miami-Dade County approval process for the temporary pedestrian plaza on Ocean Drive between 13th Street and 14th Place. 


The Ocean Drive Promenade Music Series is presented by the Ocean Drive Association in partnership with the City of Miami Beach and the Greater Miami and the Beaches Convention and Visitors Bureau. The music series, slated for the Spring/Summer of 2022, will feature live concerts in Lummus Park between 14th Street and 14th Place, on Sundays at 5:00PM. 


The mission and vision of the programs is careful activation of the Ocean Drive Promenade, build community for residents and a great vibe for tourists, while amplifying positive messaging about Ocean Drive and Miami Beach. 


The total projected budget for 29 events is $157,600. The funding request is for $100,450. Matching funds from ODA, Betsy, Il Villaggio and 3rd party funders total $57,150.


February 3 to July 31, 2022:


                                         Total Budget    Matching Funds   Funding Request

Executive Director, ODA    $12,500           $12,500      $0

Betsy Artist Management   $12,500       $12,500                $0

Artist Fees                          $72,500       $7,500                 $65,000

Sound Services                  $14,500       $4,350                  $10,150

Event Support                     $14,500 $4,350                 $10,150

Design and Branding          $5,000         $0                       $5,000

Generator Rental               $14,500       $14,500               $0

Insurance                            $8,700         $0                        $8,700

Parking                                $2,900             $1,450                 $1,450

TOTALS                              $157,600         $57,150               $100,450


The following is presented to the members of the Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee for discussion. The Administration believes the Ocean Drive Association's proposed Ocean Drive Promenade Music Series presents positive, family-friendly programming to the Art Deco Cultural District. The requested funding in the amount of $100,450.00 has been added for consideration as a possible enhancement to the Tourism and Culture Departments FY 2022-2023 budget for review and approval from the Mayor and City  Commission. 

Applicable Area

South Beach
Is this a "Residents Right to Know" item, pursuant to City Code Section 2-14? Does this item utilize G.O. Bond Funds?
No No 

Strategic Connection

Prosperity - Market and promote Miami Beach as a world class arts, culture, and quality entertainment destination.
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