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Competitive Bid Reports - C2  C


TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Raul J. Aguila, Interim City Manager 
DATE:April  21, 2021



The Administration recommends that the Mayor and City Commission of the City of Miami Beach, Florida approve the City Manager’s recommendation pertaining to bids received, pursuant to ITB 2021-031-AY, for electric motor rewind pump repairs and maintenance.


The purpose of this bid is to establish a contract, by means of sealed bids, for the repair, replacement, and preventive maintenance of various types of electric motors and pumps, on an as needed basis. The services to be provided include but are not exclusive to the rewinding of stators and rotors, replacements of bearings and seals, complete motor repair, rewinding of transformers, machining, pump rebuilds/overhauls, preventative maintenance, thermal imaging, vibration analysis, crane service and additional field services, as required.


The ITB was issued on January 14, 2021, with bid opening date of February 10, 2021. The Procurement Department issued bid notices to 2,210 companies utilizing website. 36 prospective bidders accessed the advertised solicitation. The notices resulted in the receipt of four (4) responses from: Condo Electric Motor Repair Corporation (“Condo Electric”), Donerite Pumps, Inc. (“Donerite”), TAC Armature & Pumps (“TAC”), and TAW Miami Service Center (“TAW”). A tabulation of the bids received is included as Attachment A.


Staff has verified that the bids submitted by the four (4) bidders are responsive and meet the requirements of the ITB. The ITB stated that lowest responsive, responsible bidder(s) would be recommended for award. The tabulation of bids is included in Attachment A. In order to assure that the City has contractors that can provide services as necessary, it is in the City's best interest to award contracts as follows based on the bids received.

    Donerite - Primary Vendor

    TAC - Secondary Vendor

    Condo Electric - 1st Tertiary Vendor

    TAW - 2nd Tertiary Vendor


Following is a summary of each bidder.


Donerite pumps, Inc.

Serving in counties such as Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach, the contractor has specialized in providing services for pumps and electric motors for over 20 years. Included among these services, mechanics and service technicians have extensive experience with extracting, repairing, and installing pumps and electric motors. Donerite has not previously completed work for the City, but all references provided positive feedback, including Homestead and Florida City.


TAC Armature & Pumps

TAC has provided services for the repair and rewind of electric motors in the motor and train industry for over 35 years. Since then, the services have expanded to include mechanical repairs for pumps and other industrial rotating equipment, rebuild of generator electrical ends. These services are provided throughout South Florida and satisfactory feedback has been received from municipalities, including Sunrise and Miramar.


Condo Electric Motor Repair, Corp

Established in 1948, Condo Electric had an industry niche of motor rewind and repair. Since then, the company has expanded in the industrial market by adding two more divisions, Condo Electric Industrial Supply and Condo Electric Metal Fabrication. As an incumbent, Condo Electric has provided services to the City with its most recent solicitation no. 16-048-MT. Through their years of service, the incumbent has provided positive feedback from user departments.


TAW Miami Service Center

For more than 95 years, Tampa Armature Works, Inc. is an industrial equipment distribution and service company headquartered in Riverview, FL providing customers with products and services in multiple industries. These services are provided throughout all of Florida and satisfactory feedback has been provided from multiple firms such as Miami, Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department, and the South Florida Water Management District.


According to the 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey conducted by ETC institute, a 46.5% satisfaction was given for the condition of streets. This statistics has been broken down to only be a 9.1% for excellent, 37.4% for good, 35.8% for fair, and 17.7% for poor. In order to further increase standards in this area, the city intends to use this solicitation to assist in the better conditions for the City of Miami Beach.


The cost associated for the repair, replacement, and preventive maintenance of various types of electric motors and pumps, on an as needed basis for the City of Miami Beach is subject to the funds availability approved through the City’s budgeting process. The annual costs are anticipated to be approximately $905,000.


The Administration recommends that the Mayor and City Commission of the City of Miami Beach, Florida, approve the award of a contracts, pursuant ITB 2021-032-AY for the repair, replacement, and preventive maintenance of various types of electric motors and pumps, on an as needed basis to: Donerite Pumps, Inc., as primary vendor; TAC Armature & Pumps, as secondary vendor; Condo Electric Motor Repair Corporation, as first tertiary vendor; and TAW Miami Service Center, as second tertiary vendor; and authorize the City Manager and City Clerk to execute the contracts.

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