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Competitive Bid Reports - C2  A


TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Raul J. Aguila, Interim City Manager 
DATE:April  21, 2021



The Administration recommends that the Mayor and City Commission of the City of Miami Beach, Florida authorize the issuance of Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) for Activation of the Lummus Park Spoil Area.


The City of Miami Beach is interested in seeking sophisticated, family-friendly options for activating the Lummus Park spoil area. The spoil area is defined as the sandy space between the coral wall abutting the Park’s serpentine walkway and the protective sand dunes. Specifically, the City seeks to activate the areas currently identified as low use or infrequent use, shaded in Figure 1 as green and yellow, respectively. The existing high use areas currently contain permanent activations and, thus, the City is not seeking to further activate high use areas at this time.


The 26-acre Lummus Park is part of the Art Deco Cultural District. The area is one of the most recognizable locations in Florida, having been featured in fashion editorials, magazines, film shoots and television series.  Lummus Park is a beachfront park located in South Beach, east of Ocean Drive, from 5th to 14th Place. Lummus Park is one of the most popular destinations in Miami Beach. The Park is a lively and dynamic gathering place hosting a myriad of visitors, as well as many events each year.


The Park already features popular recreational amenities including the serpentine walkway, sand volleyball courts, a children’s playground, Muscle Beach South Beach, and the beach itself. Culturally significant amenities include the Art Deco Welcome Center, iconic lifeguard stations, the Miami Beach thermometer, and a signature park sign on Ocean Drive. The Park also supports life safety and other essential services for the beaches.


In addition, throughout the year, Lummus Park is home to signature special events such as the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, Miami Beach Pride, the Air & Sea Show, and the South Beach Seafood Festival, among others. Under a separate competitive solicitation, the Park may also host an artisanal market on weekends and some holidays, contained within the greenspace portions of the Park. 


The intent of this solicitation is to activate under-utilized spaces in the spoil area without impacting existing programming and amenities.


The City envisions activations that create sophisticated, family-friendly experiences, highlighting the energy, history, and culture of Miami Beach and Ocean Drive. Activation(s) should further enhance Miami Beach’s reputation as one of the nation’s top cultural tourism destinations with internationally acclaimed cultural institutions, parks, and beaches. Inspiration for proposed activation(s) should be gleaned from other sophisticated, family friendly, culturally infused destinations, such as:

·    Bryant Park, New York City, New York

·    Central Park, New York City, New York

·    Discovery Green, Houston, Texas

·    Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom

·    Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois

·    Odori Park, Sapporo, Japan


 Permitted Activation(s). Some proposed uses in Lummus Park, including the erection of permanent structures, private commercial advertising, and private commercial uses of the Park, will be subject to compliance with Article 7 of the Miami Dade County Charter, entitled “Parks, Aquatic Preserves, and Preservation Lands.”  The City anticipates that the “Permitted Activations” described below would fall within the scope of permitted park uses under the County Charter.  However, the City makes no warranty or representation as to whether a proposed use(s) submitted by a proposer in response to the ITN complies with Article 7 of the County Charter, and it shall be the proposer’s sole responsibility and due diligence to make itself familiar with the provisions of Article 7 of the County Charter to determine whether its proposed activation(s) comply with such Article.


 Proposals that the City determines are not compliant with Article 7 of the County Charter may be deemed non-responsive.  A copy of Article 7 of the Miami-Dade County Charter is attached incorporated in this ITN under Appendix A, Special Conditions. Activations are limited to those that are not anticipated to require a voter referendum under the County Charter, and may, include, but not be limited to, the following experiences.

  •  Band Shell containing less than 1000 spectator seats
  •  Art Deco-styled playground facilities
  •  Art exhibits of a temporary nature which do not require the erection of temporary structures
  • Performing arts, concerts, cultural and historic exhibitions, none of which require the erection of permanent structures
  •  Fitness and non-spectator recreational programming
  •  Miniature golf course
  •  Fountains, gardens, and installation of works of art
  •  Roller skating
  •  Temporary fairs, which may include a carousel or ferris wheel.  A proposal that contemplates the installation of permanent carousel or ferris wheel may require referendum, and such activations will receive additional scrutiny with regard to quality and sophistication of the proposal (i.e. the proposed carousel or ferris wheel cannot be of carnival-type quality, and should be of the highest quality, with cultural significance and/or sophistication consistent with a first class city like Miami Beach).
  •  Permitted activations may have ancillary food and beverage concessions, with café-style seating, so long as such concession facilities are not in excess of 1500 square feet of enclosed space
  •  Simulcasting of cultural and/or artistic performances
  •  Movies in the park
  •  Conservation, environment, and resiliency focused activities which may include small nature centers with not more than one classroom


 Unpermitted Activation(s).  Proposed activations may not include:

  •  Carnival-like games of chance or skill
  •  Carnival-like entertainment (e.g., face painting, balloon art, etc.)
  • Inflatable bounce houses or games
  •  Mechanical amusement rides (e.g., roller coasters, etc.)
  •  Petting zoos or similar activities
  • Table activations




This ITN seeks a firm to activate the Lummus Park spoil area with sophisticated, family-friendly options. The City may negotiate with one or more proposers that, in its sole discretion, offer the most sophisticated, family-friendly options for activating the Lummus Park spoil area. Further, the City may consider the term of contract it deems to be in the City’s best interest, including but not limited to a pilot period of one year or less.


·         PURPOSE.  Please Reference Section 0100, Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) 2021-153-KB, Activation of the Lummus Park Spoil Area (attached).


·         SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS.  Please Reference Section 0300, Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) 2021-153-KB, Activation of the Lummus Park Spoil Area (attached).


·         CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION.  Please Reference Section 0400, Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) 2021-153-KB, Activation of the Lummus Park Spoil Area (attached).


Following the receipt of proposals an Evaluation Committee will review proposals in accordance with the criteria established in the ITN.


Based on the 2019 resident survey, 42% of residents feel that tourism adds to the quality of life and 22% of residents visit Ocean Drive the most.  In order to continue to provide these options to our residents and in order to increase their satisfaction with the quality of life, cultural opportunities, and activation options, the City intends to contract with an experienced firm to activate the Lummus Park spoil area.


The City Manager recommends that the Mayor and Commission authorize the issuance of the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) 2021-153-KB, for Activation of the Lummus Park Spoil Area.


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South Beach
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