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Competitive Bid Reports - R2  A


TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Raul J. Aguila, Interim City Manager 
DATE:January  27, 2021



The Administration recommends that the Mayor and City Commission authorize the issuance of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease for the development and operation of a cultural arts facility within the Collins Park Garage.


The Collins Park Arts District (the “District”), was established to encourage arts-related uses and activations within the Collins Park neighborhood. The District contains premier cultural institutions including the Bass Museum of Art, the Miami City Ballet, the Miami Beach Regional Library, and the proposed future Collins Park artist and educator residential/mixed-use facility.


Within the District, the recently constructed Collins Park Garage, located at 303 23rd Street, spans an entire block immediately adjacent to the Miami City Ballet headquarters. The LEED-certified parking/mixed use structure includes over 500 parking spaces and 16,700 ground square feet of ground floor space, fronting both 23rd Street and Park Avenue. The ground floor space includes approximately 10,400 sf of prominent, leasable space (currently existing as an unfinished shell) that requires tenant build-out (the “Facility”).  It is this Facility that is the subject for design, development, and construction (i.e. build-out) under the terms of this RFP.


Through this RFP, the City is seeking creative and transformative concepts for the development and operation of the Facility from proposers that have experience developing, managing, and operating cultural arts organizations and facilities. The City desires proposals that will invigorate, complement, and enhance the Collins Park Arts District with a cultural facility and cultural programming elevating and highlighting Miami Beach’s reputation as an international cultural destination. The selected proposer will be responsible for the build-out, programming, management and maintenance of the Facility.


The City is interested in meaningful and substantive proposals that maximize the Facility’s considerable footprint, and fully utilize its potential to generate community and tourist engagement and activation. The City is seeking proposals that also incorporate tenant programming that would serve as an economic catalyst, by contributing to the District’s cultural arts character, and engaging the community through robust and diverse cultural programming. The City is seeking proposals that will take advantage of mixed-use cultural concepts including, but not limited to, artist studios, galleries, rehearsal studios, a black box theater, arts training and educational facilities, and production offices for cultural organizations (among other potential uses). The Facility is configured to accommodate restaurant/café options and includes an open terrace suitable for outdoor seating, intimate performances, and small receptions.


The RFP aims to select a public or private entity to develop the Facility and implement active, state-of-the-art cultural uses, as well as managing and operating the complex in a high quality, first-class manner that meets the needs of residents, visitors, and the public at large.  It is anticipated that the City and the successful proposer will negotiate a long-term lease with an initial term of ten (10) years and an option to renew for up to an additional two (2) five-year periods, at the City Commission’s sole discretion. However, the term of the lease is negotiable, and is ultimately subject to approval by the City Commission.



Proposals must propose a two-fold project delivery:

  • Design, development, and construction (i.e. build-out) of the Facility; and
  • Management and operation of the completed Facility.


The overarching community goal and aspiration is to develop the Facility ground floor in a manner that:

  • augments the historic and cultural character of the Collins Park Art District while complementing the modern design of the Collins Park garage itself;
  • contributes to the vibrancy and continued development of the District;
  • produces innovative and creative programs that contribute to Miami Beach’s portfolio of work class cultural offerings and artistic excellence;
  • offers diverse artistic programming, educational offerings, and supports the creation of artistic product;
  • collaborates with other Miami Beach cultural institutions;
  • promotes Miami Beach as an international cultural destination;
  • stimulates smart development and business growth;
  • creates positive economic and fiscal benefits for the District and the City;
  • provides opportunities for day and night cultural programming;
  • effectively incorporates community feedback into the programming plan; and
  • provides opportunities for community-based cultural organizations, individuals, educational institutions, and for youths.


The management and operation of the Facility shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • efficient operation of the Facility and economically viable programing minimizing or eliminating direct costs to the City.
  • day-to-day operation and management of the Facility.
  • provision of superior services to users and patrons visiting the Facility, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction and exhibiting a positive image of a City asset.
  • production or attraction of new events and promotion of the Facility to maximize usage, during daytime and evening hours.
  • active promotion of the Facility.
  • a comprehensive strategic and marketing plan for the Facility.
  • professional management and operation consistent with best industry practices and all applicable laws and ordinances.
  • responsiveness to the ever-changing needs of the community and users of the Facility with recommendations for flexible spaces, expansions, renovations, and upgrades of services.
  • safeguarding the City’s capital investment in the Facility through the exercise of the highest standards of maintenance and preservation.


In addition, the development of the Facility must meet existing LEED requirements of the Collins Park Garage. It is the City’s goal that the Facility build-out be designed to augment or support the Facility’s current LEED certification (e.g., LEED for Commercial Interiors or greater) and comply with all applicable code requirements.


The draft RFP is attached as Exhibit "A" to this memorandum. 


According to the 2019 Community Satisfaction Survey conducted by ETC Institute, 85.5% of the resident’s agreed that cultural activities contribute to quality of life in Miami Beach.  The lease for the development and operation of a cultural arts facility within the Collins Park Garage project will further the cultural activities in the City of Miami Beach and as a result the quality of life will prosper.


The City Manager recommends that the Mayor and Commission authorize the issuance of the Request for Proposals (RFP) 2021-105-KB, to lease for the development and operation of a cultural arts facility within the Collins Park Garage.

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Middle Beach
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Exhibit "A" Draft RFP 2021-105-KB