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TO: Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: May 22, 2020



At the February 12, 2020 City Commission meeting, a discussion to fund the design work for the North Beach skatepark expansion was referred to the Finance and Economic Resiliency Committee (FERC).



The City is planning to expand the 82nd Street Skatepark as part of Tranche 3 of the G.O. Bond, which is set to begin in 2025.


Design work for this type of project is estimated at about 12% of the project budget. Based on the skatepark’s current $750,000 project budget, design costs are projected to be $99,000.


Presently, there is a concurrent conversation in the Neighborhood and Quality of Life Committee meeting regarding the skatepark, as it relates to the addition of sustainability and resiliency elements to the design. These elements may likely affect project costs, and therefore increase the cost of design as the scope will likely expand and become more complex in nature. Moreover, the current skatepark design does not include a public restroom on site. If a restroom is required, that will also play a factor in the final budget cost.


The Parks and Recreation Department provided an update on recommendations on how to create a sustainable skate park to the Parks and Recreational Facilities Advisory Board at the May 6th Meeting. The board was provided information from the Environmental and Sustainability Department which included the following:

  • Incorporate natural elements like trees and native plants to help reduce stormwater runoff and filter it back into the ground

  • Incorporate rocks to help reduce stormwater runoff and filter it back into the ground

  • Use recycled materials, such as; concrete, steel, wood, metals, used tires and construction debris from cleanups around the city to build the materials for the skatepark

  • Use precast concrete pieces prepared in an off-site factory

  • Use art elements to provide a fun environment

  • Use natural slopes to create elevation changes and staying above grade in areas with rock formations or troublesome soil conditions

  • Provide a water refilling bottle station and water fountain to hydrate skaters

  • Provide recycling and trash bins (paired and with signage)


    The recommendations listed will be provided to the design firm once on board and will adhere to creating a sustainable skate park.



    The board provided feedback and suggestions as well such as trailer/container bathroom with solar panels, SEA CRETE- salt water concrete, unity with West Lots design, bike/ wheel repair station, ambient lighting to make it safe for neighbors to walk their dogs and a skateable art piece, to name a few. The Parks and Recreation Department will have the design firm, once on board, research all their recommendations and incorporate if budget allows.

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North Beach
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