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TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager 
DATE:February  12, 2020



The Administration recommends that the Mayor and City Commission of the City of Miami Beach, Florida approve the resolution accepting City Manager’s recommendation pertaining to proposals received, pursuant to RFP 2019-093-JC, for a red light camera system.


In the interest of public safety, the Miami Beach Police Department (“MBPD”) utilizes a red light enforcement camera monitoring (“red light camera”) system at various intersections within the City of Miami Beach. A red light camera systems combine vehicle detection technology and digital/video imaging technology for the purposes of capturing red light traffic violations, as well as the back-end software needed to process violations. The City's red light camera system has been operational since April 15, 2010.

The locations where the City has already installed red light cameras include:


ü  Washington Ave and 17th Street

o   1 eastbound on 17th

o 1 southbound on Washington (currently missing due to Convention Center construction)

ü  Washington Ave and Dade Blvd (1 camera)

o   1 eastbound on Dade, relocate to 15th St and Alton Rd (southbound)

ü  17th Street and Alton Rd (1 camera)

o   1 westbound on 17th and Alton

ü  23rd Street and Dade Blvd (1 camera)

o   1 southbound at Pinetree and 23rd

ü  41St Street and Prairie Ave (1 camera)

o   1 northbound on 41st, relocate to 41 St and Alton Rd (eastbound)

ü  63rd Street and Indian Creek Dr (1 camera)

o   1 southbound on 63rd, relocate to 41st Street and Pinetree Dr (westbound)

ü  Chase Ave and Alton Rd (1 camera)

o   1 northbound on Alton

ü  Abbott Ave and Indian Creek Dr (1 camera)

o   1 southbound on Indian Creek

ü  71st Street and Indian Creek Dr (1 camera)

o   1 northbound on Indian Creek


All locations under the new agreement shall be subject to City approval. Additionally, the City may add cameras at its discretion.


Pursuant to a competitive award in 2010, the City has successfully utilized Conduent, Inc. ("City Vendor"), as its third-party service provider, since the red light camera system inception.  On April 10, 2019, the City Commission approved the issuance of the RFP No. 2019-093-JC, Red Light Violation Camera Enforcement System and Related Support Services, which was issued on April 10, 2019. On September 11, 2019, pursuant to Resolution 2019-30985, the City Commission approved the Administration to enter into simultaneous negotiations with Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc. (“Conduent”), the top-ranked proposer, and American Traffic Solutions, In., dba Verra Mobility (“Verra Mobility”), the second-ranked proposer.


Conduent is the City’s current red light camera system operator and is a leading provider of photo enforcement systems across North America. Conduent is the largest producer of public safety, parking, and moving violation notices in the country. Conduent provides similar services to many major jurisdictions using including Los Angeles, CA, Garland, TX, City of Chicago, IL, Delaware Department of Transportation, and Montgomery County, MD. Conduent maintains over 1,500 individual photo enforcement systems under contract in North America.


Verra Mobility is a provider of red light camera solutions for numerous large-city programs across the United States, including, Tampa, FL, Orlando, FL, New York City, NY, Memphis, TN, Washington, D.C., and Seattle, WA. Additionally, Verra maintains over 30 programs within the state of Florida, and 10 programs within Miami-Dade County.


Following commission approval of negotiations, in early October 2019 the Administration began negotiations with both as to final scope offering and pricing. However, following some initial discussions on scope, especially software functionality, the Police Department determined that it was necessary to allow each firm to conduct demonstrations of the proposed systems. Time was allotted for each firm to prepare its presentation, including equipment operations, administrative controls, software functionality, query and reporting capabilities, docket preparation, and mobile applications.


In mid-November 2019, both firms completed full system demonstrations to the Police Department. Following the demonstrations, on November 22, 2019, the Administration issued a Best and Final Offer (“BAFO”) to both firms as the means to submit final scope offering and costs for the City’s consideration.  On December 13, 2019, the City received BAFO proposals from both firms.


On January 14, 2020, The Police Department completed its review of the BAFO proposals. While both firms are well qualified, with extensive public sector experience, the department found the red light camera system proposed by Conduent to be slightly more advantageous for the reasons articulated below.


It is not anticipated that grant funding will not be utilized for this project.


As noted by Police Department staff, both firms appear to be well qualified to perform the requirements of the RFP with regard to a red light camera system. Both firms have extensive public sector experience with these types of systems. However, in having to recommend one firm over the other, I recommend Conduent for the following reasons.


With regard to equipment, staff has determined that the equipment proposed by Conduent is more compact and lightweight than the equipment proposed by Verra. Conduent’s equipment appears to be more discrete and less obtrusive in the right of way. Conduent’s cameras appear to have a higher resolution than the cameras proposed by Verra. Conduent’s cameras are also able to capture six (6) lanes of traffic, whereas Verra’s system appears to capture up to four (4) lanes. Further, Conduent’s system includes an automatic license plate reader that easily interfaces with the City’s current license plate reader system. This is extremely beneficial to public safety personnel during investigations or pursuit of vehicles. While Verra can offer a license plate reader, it appears to be a separate system and not as compatible with the City’s current license plate reader system.


With regard to software, Conduent also seems to have an edge over Verra with regard to its backend software system. Officers from the Police Department evaluating both systems were very impressed with Conduent’s simplified process for processing the court documents necessary when infractions are challenged. The system proposed by Verra was determined to be less user-friendly and require longer processing times for court documents. Further, Conduent appears to have an advanced data storage and file retrieval system that expedites processing times required for reporting, legal issues, administrative purposes and statistical analysis.


With regard to value-added services, in addition to the automatic license plate reader enhanced functionality, Conduent has offered to relocate any camera at no cost to the City when it is mutually determined that doing so would offer greater safety benefits. While Verra will also relocate cameras when mutually agreed upon, it has not offered to do so at no cost to the City.


Finally, Conduent has proposed a slightly more cost-effective solution yielding approximately $55,000 in cost savings over the initial three (3) year contract term as indicated in Attachment A. Pricing includes a turnkey red light violation enforcement camera system and related equipment, monitoring, service, maintenance, violation processing and mailing expenses, community awareness, collections activities, and all other costs related to the scope of work as required by the RFP. Conduent’s cost also includes the aforementioned automatic license plate reader system. Despite the stated financial benefits, it is important to note that any decision for a red light camera system is not driven by financial considerations because, ultimately, these systems are about maximizing safety to resident and visitors. However, when cost is considered, Conduent here again seems to have an edge over Verra.


In conclusion, while I find both proposers well qualified, Conduent does seem to offer the City a more advanced system in terms of equipment and software at lower costs. Therefore, I recommend that the Mayor and City Commission approve the Resolution authorizing the Administration to enter into negotiations with Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc. to finalize contract terms; further, should the Administration not be successful in negotiating an agreement with Conduent State & Local Solutions, Inc., authorizing the Administration to enter into negotiations with American Traffic Solutions, Inc., dba Verra Mobility; and further, authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an agreement upon conclusion of successful negotiations by the Administration and the City Attorney’s Office.

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