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City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139,

 Item 3.

TO: Land Use and Development Committee

FROM: Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: October 30, 2019


On July 17, 2019, at the request of Commissioner Ricky Arriola, the City Commission referred the discussion item to the Land Use and Development Committee (Item C4P). The item was discussed at the September 18, 2019 LUDC meeting and continued to the October 30, 2019 meeting, with the following direction:

1. The administration will provide a status update on the water tanks and fencing.

2. The administration will identify shovel ready street beautification projects for the Normandy isle commercial districts including sidewalks, street trees and lighting.


The painting of water tanks at 75th Street was completed by both the Public Works operations division and the artist. Fence repairs were scheduled to commence on October 18, 2019 and be completed within two weeks.

At this time, the only funded project within the Normandy commercial district is the permanent conversion of Rue Vendome to a public plaza. The project was awarded for construction on October 16, 2019 by the City Commission and construction is scheduled to commence in March 2020.

A number of GOB projects are funded and planned for the larger Normandy Isle area. The following is a summary of these projects:

GO#33: Street Tree Master Plan Project. Dozens of new trees have already been planted in Normandy Isle. This work was completed last month.

GO#34: Above Ground Improvement Project. Normandy Isle South will be receiving $8 million dollars of lighting, landscaping, and blue/green infrastructure improvements. This project is not scheduled to start until Tranche 2 and lasts throughout Tranche 4.

GO#37: Sidewalk Improvements Project. Small sections of faulty sidewalk on Calais Drive, Rue Vendome and Rue Versailles Drive have been completed already in the Normandy Isle and Normandy Shores areas.

GO#38 Street Pavement Project. The re-paving of Biarritz Drive from Normandy Drive to South Shore Drive, and Miamonides Street from Rue Notre Dame to Vichy Drive has already been completed. Additionally there are a handful of other streets that are scheduled to receive street pavement work. The remainder of Biarritz Drive is slated to be done in the next couple months. Finally, the following streets will be re-paved in Tranche 1: South Shore Drive and Calais Drive, Rue Versailles Drive, Vardon Street, Shore Lane, Mitchell Street, and Sarazen Street.

GO#42: Traffic Calming Project. The Normandy Isle neighborhood will receive $114,000 in traffic calming measures within Tranche 1, starting next year.

GO#47: License Plate Readers Project. A stationary LPR is being installed now, which will capture the license plates coming to the city via 71 Street. This project is expected to be complete by the first week of November.

GO#52: LED Lighting in Parks Project. Normandy Isle Park will be receiving new LED lighting fixtures next month, and the installation is expected to be complete by mid-December.

GO#55: Street Lighting Improvements Project. The 71st Street area will receive new street lighting. However, there is no timeline for when this project will begin.

The Public Works and CIP departments are exploring improvements to sidewalks, street trees and lighting along the commercial coridor. An update of these will be provided on the floor of the LUDC meeting.

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North Beach
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