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TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: October 23, 2019




Commissioner Steinberg has been in receipt of emails from residents inquiring about spray paint markings left on the sidewalks by contractors and/or utility companies.


Pursuant to the Underground Facility Damage and Prevention and Safety Act, Chapter 556 of the Florida Statutes, underground utility owners and operators are required to become members and follow policies of Sunshine 811 (guide attached), a not for profit corporation founded in 1993 to help prevent damages to its member’s underground facilities. It does this by running a statewide system that notifies member companies when and where excavation or demolition is scheduled.

It is the responsibility of Sunshine 811 to administer Chapter 556, F.S., which includes:

• Operate and maintain a ticket management system;

• Maintain a database of its member’s service areas, contact information, design services and design service fees;

• Receive and process an excavator’s dig site and contact information;

• Send the excavator’s information to utility member operator companies;

• Operate the Positive Response System, an effective communications method for members and excavators; and

• Educate stakeholders on the 811 process.

•Locate markings used to identify the horizontal route of underground facilities which are valid for 30 calendar days after a ticket is created and marked.

Uniform Color Codes for Marking Underground Utility Lines:

RED: Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables
BLUE: Potable water
YELLOW: Gas, oil, steam, petroleum, gaseous materials
GREEN: Sewers and drain lines
PURPLE: Reclaimed water, irrigation, slurry lines
PINK: Temporary survey marks
ORANGE: Communications, alarm or signal lines, cables
WHITE: Proposed excavation site Positive Response


The following types of paint are used for such markings:


Water Base Marking Paint (Industry Standard)

Water base paint is specifically made for striping lines on several types of surfaces. Made from quality materials, these paints are non-toxic, halogen-free, environmentally friendly. This water-based marking paint can be used inverted spray can dispensers. Water Base paint is widely used for utility marking locations and available in all approved color codes. Some other benefits of this type of paint is that it will not harm grass, is bright, and long lasting depending on weather conditions etc.

Chalk Based Marking Paint

Temporary and completely removable aerosol marking chalk for marking underground utility locations, survey markings, constructions zones, digging signs, ore mining sites, instructions, excavation zones, measurements. arrows, and identifications. It is available in all approved color codes for utility locations. Additionally, the painted lines will wash away with weather or can be easily cleaned off or washed away with soap and water whenever needed.

Oil Based Marking Paint

The most durable of all utility marking paint, however it is not readily used due its petroleum base. These spray paints are designed for use in an inverted position for marking construction, excavation sites, underground utilities. This type of paint works on serval types of surface such as concrete, blacktop, gravel, soil and grass. It dries to the touch in 15 minutes and is provides long-term resistance against elements and is formulated to go further and cover a greater area.


However, Chapter 556.101 (d), reserves to the State the power to regulate any subject matter specifically addressed in this chapter. Municipalities, counties, districts, or other local governments may not adopt or enforce ordinances or rules that conflict with this chapter or that prescribe any of the following:

1. Require operators of undergrounding facilities to obtain permits from local governments in order to identify undergrounding facilities.

2. Require premarking or marking.

3. Specify the types of paint or other marking devices that are used to identify underground facilities.

4. Require removal of marks.


Since the City cannot prescribe either the type of paint that can be utilized by the various utilities which would ensure that these are not of a more permanent nature or the removal of the markings, there is not much that can be done to address the residents' concerns.

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