Item Coversheet

City of Miami Beach, 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, Florida 33139,

 Item 5.

TO: Land Use and Development Committee

FROM: Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: June 12, 2019


On February 13, 2019 at the request of Commissioner John Elizabeth Aleman, the City Commission referred the item to the Land Use and Development Committee and the Planning Board (Item C4 O). This is a status update of the process.

The City of Miami Beach Comprehensive Plan is a state mandated document that guides the decisions of the city as it pertains to addressing the needs of existing and future residents and businesses. The plan provides general regulations for growth, development, infrastructure, housing, parks and recreation, and more. The goals, objectives, and polices of the comprehensive plan are then implemented through more detailed documents such as the land development regulations, city code, storm water master plan, and the resiliency strategy/strategic plan. The comprehensive plan and plan amendments are adopted by ordinance per Florida Statute 163, Part II. All ordinances adopted by the city must be consistent with the standards set within the comprehensive plan.

Presently the City of Miami Beach is undergoing an EAR process to update the comprehensive plan for consistency with state law and to address changing conditions and needs in the city. Such updates are required every seven years, pursuant to Section 163.3191, Florida statutes. As part of the EAR process, the city and our consultants have gathered data and performed analyses on existing conditions and trends in the City. Other plans and strategies that the city has formulated are being taken into account, including the storm water master plan, resiliency strategy / strategic plan (under development), the transportation master plan, and the urban land institute (ULI) report.

A public meeting took place on January 28, 2019 to solicit input from residents and stakeholders. The comments were primarily focused on issues related to sea level rise, the environment, and incentivizing workforce and affordable housing. Attached is a summary of the comments that were provided by residents. The information gathered at this meeting, as well as any subsequent feedback, will be utilized to determine best practices for policies to incorporate into the plan, while addressing the needs of residents and other stakeholders.

City staff, in conjunction with our consultants, is in the process of drafting specific goals, objectives, and policies that address updates to state statutes and the changing conditions and needs of the city. It is expected that the draft amendments will proceed pursuant to the following schedule:

• June 12, 2019 - Land Use and Development Committee

• May 22, 2019 – Land Use and Development Committee (Continued)

• April 3, 2019 – Land Use and Development Committee (Continued)

• April 30, 2019 – Planning Board
• June 5, 2019 – City Commission 1st Reading/Transmittal to State Hearing
• June 7, 2019 - Amendments are transmitted to State Review Agencies
• September 11, 2019 – Adoption Hearing

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