Item Coversheet



TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: May 20, 2019


Ensure Comprehensive Mobility Addressing All Modes Throughout The City


The adopted 2016 Miami Beach Transportation Master Plan was built on a mode share goal and modal prioritization strategy, which places pedestrians first; transit, bicycles, and freight second; and private automobiles third.  


As a Priority 1 project, the Miami Beach Transportation Master Plan recommended an analysis and implementation of separated or protected bicycle facilities adjacent to the Miami Beach Golf Club in Middle Beach from N. Michigan Avenue to Chase Avenue. 


The proposed Alton Road Shared-Use Path on the east side of the Miami Beach Golf Club will connect to shared-use paths proposed along the Miami Beach Golf Club.  Shared-use paths are for both pedestrians and bicycles.  They are commonly found along parks and golf courses, separated from the adjacent roadway.  Ultimately, this project will connect to a series of paths around the Miami Beach Golf Club.  An interconnected network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities will also reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions, and align with Miami Beach’s goals and that of the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact


Key project dates include: 

May 12, 2017 – Notice to Proceed

August 7, 2017 – Public Meeting #1

-       Key comments:  General public support

September 19, 2018 – Meeting with Parks and Recreation and Miami Beach Golf Club

September 26, 2018 – Field Review

October 16, 2018 – Public Meeting #2 (Combined w/ Chase Avenue and 34 Street Shared-Use Path)

-       Key comments:  minimize hardscape, buffer homes and recreational users from golf balls, keep the view of the golf course.

December 10, 2018 – Transportation, Parking, and Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee supported the project.

December 18, 2018 – Public Meeting #3 (Combined w/ Chase Avenue and 34 Street Shared-Use Path)

-       Key comments:  the Alton Road Shared Use Path concept was supported, additional time was needed for Chase Avenue and 34 Street.  

February 19, 2019 – Public Meeting #4 (Combined w/ Chase Avenue and 34 Street Shared-Use Path)

-       Key comments:  support was reiterated for the Alton Road Shared-Use Path, and its continuation north to the intersection of 43 Street and Alton Road, and  a preferred alternative was chosen for the Chase Avenue and 34 Street Shared-Use Path.  

March 13, 2019 - City Commission referral to NCAC.


Key stakeholder coordination was also important to the project, and occurred on the following dates: 


Internal Stakeholder Coordination – July 19, 2017, October 25, 2017, November 6, 2017, and March 19, 2019.

Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works Review – April 11, 2018

Florida Department of Transportation Review – February 23, 2018, July 24, 2018, December 10, 2018, and February 12,2019.


Bicycle and pedestrian facilities are important for Alton Road because they provide alternate means of north-south travel along the Alton Road corridor and significantly improve safety.  The existing bicycle facilities adjacent to the Miami Beach Golf Club include sharrows (i.e. shared vehicle/bike lanes) southbound on Alton Road and a one-way bicycle lane northbound on Alton Road which is a substandard bicycle facility.  Currently, there is also no sidewalk on the east side of Alton Road adjacent to the golf course.  Improving this condition is important for pedestrian safety.  Attachment 1 depicts a map of the study area. 


The proposed improvement significantly enhances bicycle and pedestrian connectivity and safety.  Attachment 2 depicts the proposed typical sections, and specific segments are described below: 


Phase 1: Chase Avenue to Michigan Avenue

Phase 1 will consist of a buffered, bi-directional bicycle lane and pedestrian sidewalk on the east side of Alton Road.  Currently, east of the northbound travel lanes, there is an 8’ northbound bicycle lane and 10’ swale (and no sidewalk).  The proposed typical section is shown below.



Adjacent to the parking at the Miami Beach Golf Club, additional buffering may be needed.  Additional space can be created by implementing angled parking with a one-way northbound center aisle.  If the current parking lot footprint is maintained, parking capacity would be reduced slightly from 131 parking spaces to 124 parking spaces.  The Miami Beach Golf Club is open to expanding this footprint slightly to maintain the existing parking count.  The estimated cost of Phase 1 is $3 million. 



Phase 2: 43 Street to Chase Avenue, along Old Alton Road

The proposed typical section for Phase 2 will continue to accommodate a buffered, bi-directional bicycle lane and pedestrian sidewalk on the east side.  It also provides a safe connection between the intersection of 43 Street/Ed Sullivan Drive and the Chase Avenue intersection with Alton Road. 


The proposed Biscayne Waterway Bridge typical section was previously approved by the City Commission on March 13, 2019 as part of the North Bay Road Neighborhood Greenway item.


The proposed typical section between 43 Street and Chase Avenue along Old Alton Road is shown below:



Relocation of four (4) on-street parking spaces is needed near the intersection of Old Alton Road and 41 Street to accommodate the proposed bi-directional buffered bicycle lane.  Relocation of the existing Citibike station on 39 Street to the west side of Old Alton Road south of 39 Street could replace two (2) of these parking spaces.  An additional two (2) new parking spaces have been identified on the west side of Nautilus Drive to mitigate the parking impact; however, 3 or 4 existing Gumbo Limbo trees on the swale would need to be removed to accommodate this replacement parking.


Between 43 Street and 41 Street, the proposed typical section continues to accommodate a buffered, bi-directional bicycle lane and sidewalk on the east side of Old Alton Road.  Along Old Alton Road between 43 Street and 41 Street, relocation of 14 on-street residential parking spaces and four (4) metered on-street parking spaces along the east side of the roadway is being proposed to accommodate the buffered bi-directional bicycle lane.  Attachment 3 shows the Parking Analysis for this roadway segment.  The proposed parking concept for Old Alton Road between 43 Street and 41 Street is shown in Attachment 4.  Based on discussions with the Parking Department staff, residential replacement parking could be accommodated in the city-owned lot located at the northeast corner of Old Alton Road and 41 Street.  This lot (P61) has 49 spaces.  The 2015 Walker Parking Analysis shows an evening occupancy of less than or equal to 69% for this lot (Attachment 5).  At 69%, there would be an evening vacancy of 15 parking spaces, enough to accommodate the 14 relocated residential on-street parking spaces.  As proposed, 35 parking spaces would maintain current operations and 14 would be used for replacement residential parking spaces.  According to the Parking Analysis shown in Attachment 3, if 14 residential permits are used in P61, there would be an annual parking revenue loss of approximately $22,663. The analysis prepared by Parking Department also shows a 0.62% reduction in parking utilization for parking lot P61 since 2015.


The estimated cost of Phase 2 is $1.8 million.


Potential Future Connections of the Alton Road Shared-Use Path include:

·         Mount Sinai Baywalk and Julia Tuttle Causeway (will require coordination with Mount Sinai and FDOT)

·         Alton Road from 43 St to 63 St (will require coordination with FDOT as part of the future Alton Road project)



Funding and Implementation

The total cost of Phases 1 and 2 is estimated at $4.8 million.  The 2018 G.O. Bond Program (Project # 20 - Protected Bicycle Lanes and Shared Bike/Pedestrian Paths), includes $170,000 for design in Tranche 1 and $1,200,000 for construction in Tranche 2.  Additional funding is being sought through the FDOT's 2019 Transportation Alternatives Grant Program.  Other grant opportunities are also being pursued.  The proposed Miami Beach Mobility Fee, when adopted by the City Commission, may provide a potential funding source. 


Additionally, the Administration will work with FDOT on the timing of the shared-use path project and FDOT’s future Alton Road project from 43 Street to Michigan Avenue (currently anticipated to begin construction in 2022) in an effort to coordinate the two projects seamlessly and achieve cost efficiencies during the construction phase of the Alton Road Shared-Use Path.


The Administration recommends that the Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee approve the recommended concepts proposed in the Alton Road from 63 Street to North Michigan Avenue Bicycle Alternatives Analysis and Implementation Study.  Upon approval, the Administration will advance the project to design using existing G.O. Bond funds programmed for this project.  

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