Item Coversheet



TO: Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: May 20, 2019




The City of Hollywood, Florida created the "Let's Keep Hollywood Beautiful" program in 2015 as a way to educate and inform property owners to make Hollywood a better place to live, work and play. With a mission to unite the community to promote the enhancement of private properties through education, outreach, and programs that focus on code enforcement and city beautification, the program is an effort to increase property values and retain/attract businesses. 


Through the program, Hollywood residents work with the Code Enforcement team to help clean up neighborhoods, beaches and other areas while learning about the City’s policies and guidelines on things such as landscaping, painting, garbage collection, beach cleaning and other general code Enforcement items.  


In January of 2019, the City of Miami Beach created the North end Enhancement Team (NEET).  Tasked with spearheading NEET, the City’s Code Enforcement leads the team while renovating and rebuilding the neighborhoods in the area, NEET is doing so by addressing issues in real-time. Just like the Keep Hollywood Beautiful program, through recurring sweeps, the multi-departmental team tackles everyday problems including illegal dumping, cleanliness, code Enforcement, street repairs and landscaping.


The dedicated team conducts weekly visits to residential areas and business districts alike. Each sweep is a proper allocation of human and physical resources with garbage trucks, power-wash equipment, paint crews and more.  While the team began in North Beach, they have been spotted migrating toward both the Middle and South Beach areas.  While they are in the field they have encountered many residents excited and curious about the program.  Through this natural progression, they have been extending invitations to residents in the area and intend to formalize this part of the program as they move to cover areas citywide. 


The City of Miami Beach NEET program is very similar to the Keep Hollywood Beautiful program.  The intention of the Code Enforcement team is to continue to grow the program and use this as an opportunity to inform and educate residents and business owners while building solid relationships in the community.