Item Coversheet

New Business and Commission Requests - R9  A


TO:Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Commission 
FROM:Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager 
DATE:April  24, 2019



The City assigns public information liaisons for each project to facilitate consistent communication with its residents. Heather Leslie and Lynn Bernstein have been involved with the Indian Creek project since its inception in 2016.


Both Heather and Lynn have completed a series of meetings with representatives from all buildings within the project boundaries, including a recent presentation by Public Works Greenspace Division Director Rodney Knowles, who elaborated on the landscaping project details.


As the Indian Creek project continues, Miami Beach residents have expressed their desire to be kept abreast of any project updates that may influence their day to day activities.  Their most frequently asked questions include: 


Why isn’t there ongoing construction on the Indian Creek Drive Flooding Mitigation Project?
Phases I and II of the Indian Creek Drive Flooding Mitigation Project were completed in September 2018. While those phases were underway, the City conducted the statutory process for competitive bidding for phase III. Upon evaluating the bids, the City intended to move forward with the lowest bid; however, the contractor was deemed unresponsive and the remaining project bids presented exceeded the City's project budget. The City is in the process of re-soliciting bids for phase III – with revisions for additional cost-savings. The City is also awaiting the issuance of permits associated with the seawall project.

When will the Indian Creek Drive Flooding Mitigation Project restart?
The Engineer of Record is scheduled to finalize the revised design by April 19, 2019. The plans will then undergo a thorough review by the City and the Florida Department of Transportation to ensure its compliance. The construction documents will then be advertised for bids in early May of 2019. Once the City recommends a contractor for the project, the item will then go to Commission for approval. The project is expected to break ground in October 2019, and completed in 2021


What is the City doing to lessen the impact to the residents?
The City is proactively searching for solutions to alleviate traffic congestion, address pedestrian safety and enhance access to properties.  The City is also proposing to include a bike path in its design and in the interim, FDOT has approved the following enhancements:
• Improved access to properties: the City is restoring left-in and left-out turns by removing the barriers and paving the road along Collins Avenue between 24-26 Streets.
• Enhanced traffic: the City is opening two Southbound lanes between 24-29 Streets.
• Pedestrian safety: the sidewalk along Collins Avenue between 24-26 Streets will reopen to pedestrians and will include a temporary pedestrian signal and crosswalk on 26 Street.


There was an additional request by neighborhood residents to include a shared-use path along Indian Creek between 25-41 Streets. The City evaluated the width required for a continuous shared-use path.  It was determined that although some areas along Indian Creek have the minimum 8’ required width to install the path, the 2’ safety buffer required on either side, did not.

How will the Indian Creek Drive Flooding Mitigation Project benefit the quality of life for residents?
The project delivers the quality of life improvements requested by residents. Pedestrian safety will be enhanced through the installation of new sidewalks, lighting and a wider cycling path. Two newly paved travel lanes will be rebuilt at a higher elevation, in order to mitigate the continuous flooding experienced in this neighborhood. Additionally, the new lush landscape will further beautify the area, while complementing the essential stormwater drainage improvements designed to withstand at least 30 years of sea level rise.


Public Works is diligently working with neighborhood residents to address these and other concerns.  Staff will be present at the April 24, 2019 City Commission to further discuss the project and provide further updates.


The following is presented to the members of the City Commission for further discussion.
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Public Works
Commissioner Michael Gongora