Item Coversheet



TO: Finance and Citywide Projects Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: May 29, 2019



Enhance Cultural and Recreational Activities


On March 18, 2019, Florida International University (FIU), a not for profit organization that produced the 7th annual FIU Surf & Turf Beach Volleyball Tournament, held in Lummus Park on March 29-30 2019. 


FIU would like to request a retro active waiver of special event fees, as well as a sponsorship for the cost of City services.


The  FIU Surf & Turf Beach Volleyball Tournament is an NCAA Women's Invitational Tournament, held annually in South Beach at Lummus Park Beach Courts.  The tournament started with 4 teams in 2012 and now is considered as one of the premier college hosted tournaments in the U.S. 


The FIU event was free to the public to watch, with hundreds of spectators lining the serpentine of Lummus Park.  The event offered a positive athletic, community benefit, as well as an  economic impact, with teams and families staying in local hotels - 180 hotel rooms nights (90 rooms x 2 nights) for the participating teams and an additional 64 room nights for families, and staff.



The organization is requesting a waiver of special event permit fees, based on their not for profit status, and is also requesting the City sponsor City services.



The requested fee waivers include:


$   250.00                 Application Fee

$   250.00                 Permit Fee

$   750.00                 Vehicles Beach Access Passes

$2,996.00                 Square Footage (including sales tax)

$   726.00                 Lummus Park User Fee

$4,972.00             TOTAL PERMIT FEES


The requested sponsorship of City services includes:

$3,406.50               Police Services


Pursuant to Sec. 12-7(a) of Chapter 12 (Arts, Culture and Entertainment) of the City Code, any request for City Sponsorship of an event shall only be considered through the City Commission's annual budget process. All other requests for City sponsorship, pursuant to 12-7(b) shall require "(I) an advisory recommendation of the Finance and Citywide Projects Committee; and (ii) by a five-sevenths (5/7th) vote, of the City Commission," and 12-7(c) states that 'in considering approval of a Sponsorship for an event, "the City Commission may consider (i) whether the event organizer has exercised good-faith diligent efforts to apply for grant funding that may be available from the City's Visitor and Convention Authority ("CVA" or Cultural Arts Council ("CAC"); (ii) the Event organizer's history and performance in delivering quality Events, (iii) any benefits being directly provided to the general public with respect to the Event, such as free or discounted tickets to persons residing in the City of Miami Beach, seniors, veterans, or member of disadvantaged groups; (iv) whether the event is accessible to the general public (either as a ticketed event or otherwise); (v) the demonstrable economic impacts associated with the Event; (vi) the demonstrable media commitments secured by the Event organizer for the Event; or (vii) the efforts undertaken by the Event organizer to mitigate any quality of life impacts associated with the Event, including noise, littering, traffic or parking impacts associated with an Event."


The event consideration for sponsorship would meet the guidelines in the following manner:


1. Has the event applied for CAC or VCA? N/A


2. How many years has the event been active on Miami Beach? Seven (7) years


3. Does the event generate significant room nights on Miami Beach? 2019 produced 180 hotel rooms nights


4. What is the public benefit provided by the event? The event was free to residents and visitors.



Attached is the 2019 FIU Surf & Turf Tournament Press Release.



In 2020, FIU is in talks with ESPN to televise the event.


The Administration recommends the retroactive approval of the waiver of special event permit fees in the amount of $4972.00 and a sponsorship of $3406.50 for City services.


The request for special event permit fee waivers are unrealized revenues, however, funding would need to be identified for the sponsorship.


The Administration believes that the FIU event uniquely brings a positive  health and wellness promotion of Miami Beach to Lummus Park; provides an element of economic development; provides a Resident Benefit with free entrance; and promotes the City nationally and to our visitors and tourists.  

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