Item Coversheet



TO: Finance and Citywide Projects Committee Members

Jimmy L. Morales, City Manager

DATE: April 19, 2019


Enhance Cultural and Recreational Activities


On March 22, 2019 the FCWPC committee was presented with the request to waive permit fees and enter into a sponsorship worth $25,000 for a five (5) year period with the South Beach Seafood Festival.  After some discussion, the Committee asked the administration to meet with the South Beach Seafood Festival to discuss the details of sponsorship and fee waiver for their 2019 festival, and report back to the April 19th Committee meeting.


On April 2, 2019 the administration met with members of the South Beach Seafood Festival to discuss.  The South Beach Seafood Festival requested the FCWPC committee to consider the following:

  • Waiver of Permit Fees (square footage, application, vehicle access, user fees, etc.).
  • $25,000 Sponsorship
  • Five (5) Year Agreement


On April 2, 2019, the administration put forth the following offer to the Seafood Festival, in order to make this fee waiver and sponsorship beneficial to the City of Miami Beach, the residents, and tourists:


  • Fee Waivers, not to exceed $58,970.00 (as per actuals from 2018)
    • Application Fee - $250.00
    • Permit Fee - $500.00
    • Vehicle Access Passes (40) - $4,500.00
    • Square Footage - 180,831 sq. ft. - $45,207.75
    • Lummus Park User Fee - $5,911.25
    • Police Admin Fee - $2,601.00
      • *Seafood Festival to be responsible for payment of all fees associated with City Services (Police, Fire, Sanitation, etc.)
  • Resident Benefits:
    • 500 Free General Admission Resident Tickets (via online portal, while supplies last)
    • Resident Ticket Discounts:
      • 4 for 1 General Admission Tickets - July 2019
      • 3 for 1 General Admission Tickets - August 2019
      • 50% discount for General Admission Tickets for residents
      • Free General Admission Tickets for all active military
      • 50 Free General Admission Tickets for Seniors 
  • $25,000 Sponsorship
    • Sponsorship to decrease by $5,000 each year:
      • 2019 - $25,000
      • 2020 - $20,000
      • 2021 - $15,000
      • 2022 - $10,000
      • 2023 - $5,000
    • Dollars to be used towards a new restaurant incubator program.
    • South Beach Seafood Festival to utilize these sponsorship dollars to off-set Seafood Festival activation / production costs for Miami Beach restaurants, taking part in the festival for the first time, in good standing with valid BTR's, and with annual gross income of $2,000,000 or less.

  • Educational Culinary Program
    • South Beach Seafood Festival to create a culinary program with Miami Beach high, where chefs go into the High School, and host a culinary competition.  Winners of this competition will be invited on site and act as 'sous chefs' in the main tent at the Seafood Festival culinary competitions.
      • All costs of the Culinary Program to be covered by the Seafood Festival or existing sponsorship dollars.
  • Environmental / Sustainability Program
    • Support of the Miami Beach Plastic Free Campaign.  South Beach Seafood Festival will:
      • Register as a plastic free business.
      • Place information about the campaign on the Seafood Festival website.
      • Send info to participating Miami Beach restaurants to encourage participation and register as a plastic free business.
      • Work with Miami Beach to create social media posts and giveaways to promote the plastic free campaign.
      • Place signage on all cafe's with the plastic free logo
      • Include plastic free messaging on signage where applications (bar stations)
    • Culinary / Environmental
      • South Beach Seafood Festival will create a new element for their Chef Showdown Live Event, where the participating chefs will be expected to create a culinary masterpiece, by presenting their meal on a non-traditional, plastic free plate.  Examples would be recycled wood slabs, banana leafs, etc.  This will be used to promote sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly options for chefs and restaurants, rather than plastic or paper plates.
  • Marketing Benefits to the City of Miami Beach
    • Per Section 12-9 of the City Code, if the City approves a sponsorship, the agreement must provide that “the city shall receive sponsorship recognition on all media or promotional platforms related to the event, at the same sponsorship level as other sponsors providing financial or other support comparable to the city's sponsorship.”
    • Participating presenting sponsor status on South Beach Seafood Festival programs 
    • Grant the City of Miami Beach logo exposure on all key platforms, including but not limited to; Press Conference back drops, website partners recognition page, and print ads.  
    • The City of Miami Beach will have the right to use and promote this partnership along with use of the South Beach Seafood Festival Logo. Any and all usage of the logos are subject to prior review and approval.
    • City will have the opportunity to produce press releases promoting its participation in the Event.
    • City will receive sponsorship recognition on any billboards promoting Events taking place in Miami Beach.
    • City will receive sponsorship recognition on Event signage.
    • City will receive sponsorship recognition during live commentaries where sponsors are recognized at the Event.
    • City shall receive the following electronic sponsorship recognition - City logo (or line listing, as appropriate) will appear on the South Beach Seafood Festival website, with a link to the City’s website:
    • City will receive recognition on any mobile App’s, if one is created for the Event.
    • Recognition (logo or line listing, as appropriate) on the sponsor acknowledgement page. 
    • Ads or other mobile packages may be purchased separately.
    • City to provide South Beach Seafood Festival with its logo in a format acceptable to event.  City reserves the right to require the removal of its logo/marks from any promotional materials (to the extent removal is possible).
    • South Beach Seafood Festival hereby grants the City a non-exclusive, irrevocable license and right to use, on a royalty-free basis, the title of the Event and any video, audio or photographic footage of the Event, in any media format or application whatsoever, in connection with any City produced publication, including the City produced “MB Magazine,” City newsletters or electronic newsletters, or any City media outlets, such as MBTV.  This section shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement.



Additional information regarding the South Beach Seafood Festival:

Currently in their 7th year, the South Beach Seafood Festival has become the third largest recurring event on South Beach, behind Art Basel and South Beach Food and Wine.  This festival kicks off Miami Beach's globally recognized stone crab season and celebrates the culinary talents of Miami Beach and its neighboring areas leading chefs through a diverse group of events.

Per the current tracking system of the festival, there were minimum 400 peak hotel room nights in 2018.  Host hotels include: Shelborne, Mondrian, and the Gale.

The South Beach Seafood Festival’s current partnership with Coca-Cola provides the festival with fee waivers under the Coca-Cola agreement with the City of Miami Beach. With the changes listed above, the festival will work with Coca-Cola to shift their partnership of the event to a hosting sponsor level and continue with them as an exclusive refreshment sponsor through a monetary sponsorship or assistance with potential in-kind donation of refreshments.

Awards and accolades:

  • Named USAToday Top 5 Specialty Food Festivals in the USA 2019
  • 80,000,000 marketing impressions through its selection as Top Seafood Festival on Food Paradise, by Food Network 2018
  • In 2018, named as Food Network as top Seafood Festival in the USA
  • In 2017, named by Travel Channel as Top 5 Chef Competition's in the USA

On April 8, 2019, the South Beach Seafood Festival and the City of Miami Beach agreed to the deal points, as outlined above.

The administration feels that the South Beach Seafood Festival is an important part of the Miami Beach event lineup, and this agreement will allow greater access for residents to experience the event, while also educating and preparing the next generation of chefs through the educational culinary program, and by bringing awareness to our sustainability inititaves.The administration reccommends accepting the fee waiver and sponsorship request, as per the deal points outlined within this memo.